Miss Universe 2010

It’s that time again…Million, get in here STAT!!!

Miss Universe : Home

Vote for your fave, and post up your top 3.

Miss Venezuela
Miss Puerto Rico
Miss Ireland


Mexico, Jamica, Usa.

Guatemala, Greece and Sweden.

Korea, Turkey, and Japan.

Zimbabwe, Chile, Mongolia

Don’t really give a shit, they could all get it.

Venezuela for Best Smile.
Puerto Rico for Best Face.
Thailand for Best Candidate in Bed. Now I await for the “it’s a man” response and get mindfucked.

Agreed :tup:

Was hoping that we’d win, but damn Miss Mexico can jump my border anyday.

Amen brother. :china:

I hope Miss Jamaica gets into porn…

Edit: She did fuck up JD. She didnt even answer the question.

And what the fuck? Is Criss Angel a judge?

I heard Miss Philippines just failed hard, can anyone comment on this?

I think they are probably talking about the question portion. She didn’t even answer the question… she thanked her family. I mean c’mon girl!

Didn’t get to watch but I heard she only made 4th or 5th.

Fuck it. We’re always fucking up on that part. Someone should be paid to train these girls on how to better answer the questions. Now if only we had the money to spend for that.

My top two picks are top 2. I win this thread

Haiti and Nicaragua would get it especially hard… top 2 imo…

EDIT: Guess my third pick will be… Egypt?

Good shit to whoever mentioned Ireland… daammnnnn…

miss honduras
miss slovak republic
miss china

Damn, what a dummy.

The winner looks a lot like Nathalie Kelley from Tokyo Drift.

Ms. Philippines failed hard on the question… Fuck

i saw the end, but out of the top 5 Mexico was definitely the hottest.
with Australia being very cute and i loved her accent and enthusiasm