Miss Me?

im sure many dont remember but im makin a comeback. hey jozzy, im sadden to have found out u retired, but i know better then anyone, life is more important. im back on the scene even though its kinda not much hype, but lets see how it goes.

gl hf!

Don’t actually know who you are,but sure.

P.S. You could have just posted in the general discussion =/

Joz retired? D:

No wonder he stopped updating his blog.

I did not know Joz retired, that is most regrettable!

I don’t have a clue who you are spitfire, (apologies!) but best of luck on the re-emergence regardless!

yea i haven’t been on for like a year. i play 360, took a nice long vacation so it wouldn’t surprise me, hey meteo, how are things?i still got a crappy quality cap but i will not mind uploading some vids for matchup help and advice like i used to. and i do remember you francy.

Hey I remember your avatar :slight_smile: Welcome back? :wink:

First he wonders about trying others characters, then he retires ? Pity, he was a good player nonetheless.

But what makes you so sure he retired ?

Anyway, it’s not necessarily a bad new, maybe he found an excellent job IRL, maybe he married, who knows ? =D

And welcome back, Spitfire. Your writing style hasn’t changed a bit. :wink:

i was reading some recent forums and he mention thats why he hasnt updated his blog and had things to deal with which involved making choices.i was sad when i read it but hey who knows. thanks trais, i will hope to be uploading some vids online. most of them are against friends so i dont like to upload those but i dont mind letting ppl see on xbl TSC Spitfire is my tag.

Are you serious? You started a thread to announce you’ll be posting again?..Ok…thanks.

Just the other day I was thinking, “God, I wish spitfire would come back!”, and I’m sure everyone else was thinking the same. Thank you for quelling our concerns.

Damn, I had always assumed Vega fans generally have big egos, but this…wow.

lol i find it so funny how you so quickly judge people with out really giving much thought into actual reasons on why people do things.

your so fast to get so offended and judgmental and yet just never asked “why” its not based on my ego. you actually know nothing about me and how but whatever. i never was actually born to try and make you happy by doing everything you wanted me to do :). Ive never been a big fan of general discussion on this forum because it gets completely away from the point of anything every single time and for those who haven’t wasted about 10 mins of their lives trying to judge me, but instead had kinds words clearly show this forum hasn’t really changed much and neither have you rabbi lol. nice to see you again also

Welcome back Spitfire!

Thanks, where u been hiding at. U goin to fr this year, got my room booked

probably not going to make it this year, I hope to be working soon.