Misheard fighting game quotes

I haven’t updated this thing in over 3 years, but since I’m putting together a new site, I figured I may as well update it, and I can’t think of a better place to look for suggestions. So take a look at what I have now:


And make some suggestions. What have you heard? What have people you know heard? Put it down. And yeah, I know the list isn’t organized that well as it is. I’m fixing that as I update it.

Alright, Let’s get it on.mp3

Jago’s projectile I think is “endokyoken.” My friend said it sounds like “hey I’m pukin’.”

And MK Raiden’s quotes are in fact gibberish.

Heh, now that you mention it, that probably was “Endokuken” that was quoted. The person who gave me that quote didn’t even tell me what the actual thing was,so I just added it with no actual listed.

moves you listed but don’t know the quote for:

  • Demitri’s ES Chaos Flare: “Catch my rage!”
  • Sodom’s fan win pose “Appare!”

new contribution:

actual: "The mark of my deity shall scar thy D.N.A."
misheard: “The mark of my dignity shall scar thy D.N.A.”

I always thought that was “The mark of my divinity shall scar thy DNA”.

for ken… iono what he actually says but when he does his hurricane kick me and my cousins always think he’s saying “My wife’s name is susan!”

When I was little, I always thought that when ken and Ryu screamed “Shoryuken” they were saying " 'S all you get!".

Yeah, I suck.

And who is Gill’s deity exactly?

You left out yuk tuk taru ken.

Okay, adding. I’m actually not sure WHAT Gill’s saying there, so I haven’t added that, since everybody seems to have a different idea of what the actual quote is.

Grr, double post, and it wouldnt’ even let me post the first two times.

I haven’t played KOF in a while, so I can’t check it with the original, but CvS2 King’s Surprise Rose sounds like “I’m an asshole” to me.

Also, Kinetic Card = “Static Guard”

I thought when Ryu and Ken did the Hurricane Kick back in the day they said “Alright Yes Sir and”

LOL Nice list.

I always thought Ryu was saying “I’ll show you Ken!!!” during his Shoryuken though, lol.

And in Third Strike, when Chun Li walks in, it sounds like she’s saying, “Chun Li, how are you?” You also forgot the infamous “Spinning kabob kick!” and “Spinning battle kick!”, and “Ohhh … Cocos!”.

Athena’s Psycho Ball sometimes sounds like “Microphone-o!”. And one of Terry’s moves sounds like “Fractile Whirl!”, I think it’s the fireball (though can’t remember).

Oh! And Rose’s Soul Spark sounds like “Holy Scarf!”. Honda’s Dosugoi always sounded like “Oof boi!” to me. Morrigan’s Soul Fist sounds like “Sophie!”, and also “Soul Feet!”. Again, Morrigan, Shadow Blade, “Jump Suede!”. Also, you forgot the infamous “Just the best!” (ie: Yatta ze!).

Just uploaded a new version with most of the suggestions in this thread. Keep 'em coming.

During the Gill intro, I hear, “The mark of my dignity… shall scar thy DNA.” It doesn’t make sense, but… yeah.

From the Zero/Alpha series:
-M. Bison (right): Nurui wa! (or something close to that)
-M. Bison (wrong): Know WHO you are!
-Rose (right): Reflect!
-Rose (wrong): Replace! or English!

When Robo-Ky puts his electrical mat down it sounds like he’s saying: “Chinatown!”


cvsnk2 geese, what he says “i’ll stain my hands with your blood"
What i’ve heard people say on no less than 2 seperate occasions by 2 different people " i will sit in my house waiting for blood”

Guile “come on rookie”

What i’ve heard " come on wookie"

My dad still thinks SF2 Ryu’s “Tatsumakisenpukyaku!” sounds like “I need a crewcut!”

Thing is, I’m inclined to agree.

heh, we always liked to think it was “Surprise Roast!”

Then we tell that bitch to get dinner on the table.

That’s gotta be one of my favorites.