Mint Madcatz Xbox Street Fighter x Sanrio Arcade Fightstick - $190 shipped

Purchased this new about 3-months ago. Has less than an hours worth of game play on it. Mint in original box and everything. Selling it from my collection to fund my road bike build.

I’m in Savannah, GA if someone want to pick it up for $170
$190 shipped in the 48
Hello Kitty

Price lowered.

I’d buy it right now if I had enough posts to buy on here!!!

I don’t see how that’s a valid excuse?

well maybe he’s thinking he needs 50 post to buy and sell here or maybe he’s just trolling lol

I need the 50 posts.

You need 50 posts to sell in the trading outlet. See the sticky [here](NEW Updated Rules for Trading Outlet **PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU POST!**

Idk if you misread the stickies or just heard that 50 posts is a must for trading outlet access but you can buy to your hearts content.

^ what he said.

Thanks for the clarification! I misread AND heard 50 posts. PM’d!!!

Little too late. Sold to a member named Tyler.

Dammit! All good man!