Minor rant about Chants at Evo Tournaments

I’m outside the US and haven’t attended any of the Evo Tourneys but are there any chants by the audience aside from pops/cheers?

I saw this M.Bison Video [media=youtube]P3ALwKeSEYs[/media]

and I keep wondering if we’ll hear the YES! chants i’ve been hearing a lot at Evo 2012

  1. I’m not even sure this classifies as a rant… More like a concern.

  2. You might hear a few player chants (E.G. "LA-TIF! LA-TIF!)

  3. If you’re talking about UFGT’s “YES” chants, you gotta realize that UFGT is in Chicago, and Chicago is a VERY big town for wrestling. There is a wrestler, Daniel Bryan, who chants “YES” a whole bunch. He’s a huge fan favorite.

  4. Combine a very wrestling-savvy city with a really catchy chant, and it makes the chants you heard at UFGT.

There are many and specific to different games and different events in game…the most beautiful thing is sometimes one will emerge in unison unplanned such as the entire crowd holding up their fist and screaming ‘GRAVITY SQUEEZE’ in magnetos cheesy voice. You’ll catch on and begin to figure most of them out. Though still no fucking idea what ‘Cadillac’ meant on KOF MLG stream…

^ According to Steve the whole Cadillac thing was because of how low Takuma’s Hienshippukyaku goes; kinda like a lowrider or something of that nature. Hence, Cadillac kick.

As far as chants go, you’ll hear a lot of player name chants, especially for U.S. players. There’s also the usual “AY! AY! AY!” for juggle combos in non-Tekken games (eg. Shen Woo HD Combos, or Spark’s Hakumen air juggle from last year’s EVO) You’ll sometimes hear peeps (I also do this…A LOT) yelling out specific moves as well (eg. HADOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNN in UMvC3 or DOOOOOOOORRRRRRYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH in KOFXIII)

Don’t forget SF Boxer headbutts “dirty! dirty! dirty! …” and my personal favorite everyone mimicking Claw ‘whooping’ sounds.

-The “BOOM!” on Rufus S.O.S…
-I expect lots of “YES YES YES YES YES”