Miniboss X Evil_Toaster UMvC3 Doctor Strange full tutorial

Chapter 1&2 (Part 1):
Chapter 1&2 (Part 2):

Chapter 3 goes over combo mechanics, for things such as blockstrings and hit confirms, conversions, best damage options, and the FoF loop and so on, and will be coming out soon. The following chapters cover actually playing him from basic to advanced strategies. They’re all in progress.

This place is pretty dead. Just wanted to say I appriciate the effort and I’m looking forward to part 3.

Agreed, these are a fantastic start. Learned a great deal. Though I do have a question from them:

In one of the vids, mini boss states his go to is cM IP xx L sword in order to set the proper height for more stuff. But I’ve also been watching a bunch of MB’s game vids and it seems he uses cH IP xx swords almost exclusively.

Did he/you have a change of heart? Or diff for diff situation? Just curious if you could explain away that discrepancy. Otherwise, amazing job guys, thanks!!!

Depends on the character sometimes. Some can only be juggled through that cr.H->Palm convert, but it may have been old footage since that’s just how he rolls now.

Great post you guys! I want to bump this because you said you had the future tutorials and plus this is some very Useful information!! Drop the 3rd chapter soon!!!

so whats the best damage strange can get from a corner combo starting with cr.L and one hyper combo?