Mind helping a scrub out?

So I just started KoF xIII and i’ve been struggling recently, I’ve watched Juicebox’s guides and others, however, i’m still stuck on where I should start practicing first, I was thinking practicing hops woud be best but i’m not quite sure. Also, I wanted to know if doing trials was a good place to start. Right now i’m trying to learn K’ and I wanted to pick up Kyo and Iori, so would it be better to start with someone like Kyo. I hope someone answers back.

I can only advise doing Player matches and Trials. Maybe even Time attack to get to know what the character you want to use is predominant at. (Say for instance with Saiki you can play the keepaway game). I’m pretty new to the game myself but i got most down except for the HD combo’s and all I’ve been doing is trials / player matches and some story.

The first thing is being familiar with movement and understanding the space your character can control. So just hopping around to get comfy is a good idea. The second part is to familiarize yourself with your characters’ normal moves (or buttons, as they’re often called).

What you need for basic KOF gameplay:

  1. A safe poke
  2. Defense for something above your head
  3. Defense for something coming from the front (ie. something to beat hops)
  4. A jumpin button
  5. A low
  6. A throw

You don’t need anything but the simplest of combos, if any, from any of these options to start with.

For Iori, for example, you’d probably use:

  1. st.B, st.D
  2. cr.C
  3. dp+C
  4. j.D
  5. cr.D or a simple BnB off cr.B (ie. cr.B, cl.B, f+A, qcb+C)
  6. Normal throw

I’d look at the pastebin in my signature - it has a lot of useful information for beginners to fighting games in general and KOF in specific. A lot of what makes this genre hard on beginners is just not having a proper frame to think in, and the first links in the pastebin help you understand what these games are about.

Here’s the notation commonly used:
ABCD = LP, LK, HP, HK respectively, this is the notation still used in the arcade, so you see Blowback Attacks being called CDs because they’re done by pressing C and D, etc.

The button prefixes:
st. = far standing
cl. = close standing
cr. = crouching
j. = jumping

direction inputs:
d, u, b, f = cardinal inputs. down up back forward
qcf, qcb = quarter circle forward/back
hcf, hcb = quarter circle forward/back
dp = dragon punch input forward
rdp = dragon punch input backwards
~ = do the second thing immediately after the first thing

so f+A = press forward an A
dp+A = do the dp motion forward, press A
dp+C~AB = do a dp input, press C, immediately follow up by pressing AB

Hey Sunzal, if you want to play together hit me up, I used to play this game back when it was arcade only but I’m planning on picking it up again. I’ll be learning brand new characters too so that should help even it out as well.