Milpitas Golfland circa 00-03

Anyone reading this post that considered themselves a regular during this period? My life social or otherwise entirely revolved around being driven by my mom saturday and sometimes sunday morning, stocking up on double tokens before noon and hanging until closing for ttt, 3s, mvc2 and and the few DDR mixes to come out between that period. I don’t think I made a strong enough connection with anyone to be formally reunited or looking for any reintegration into the community; I can say with certainty I was the only white kid that was an every weekend regular during the time so if you made regular trips and have any memory of it you may have an idea of who I was. Was more often than not paired up with a big jovial black bro for an even intensified contrast. Great fuckin guy, meant a ton to me in my formative years. The entire ritual did. I know I didn’t take too much to tekken 4 upon release, and a lot of the ttt competition had vanished, others spent more time at sunnyvale which didn’t have that same spread out homey feel…started picking up other obsessive habits in life while slowly losing interest in my weekend routine and pretty quickly dropped my visits all together. By the time the fgc really boomed with the daigo parry vid and “mahvel baby” which snowballed into sf4’s massive popularity with casuals and sponsorships and I’ve just been completely checked out since. Only recently have I decided I’d like to casually start playing from home considering the convenience of online play which didn’t exist when I was active. Long ass post to basically just ask if anyone has any “memorobilia” of MGL from those early 00’s whether in video or picture form. I’d just love to see that wall of big screens with ttt on the far right, cvs->cvs2 in the middle, mvc2 to the left of that. DDR in the center of the floor. I’m no longer in the bay area so even though I imagine the whole 2 arcade setup has completely changed I can’t even at least visit for nostalgia’s sake. Just wishing I had some tangible evidence of what I did with all that time as a young dip shit teenager

This is all I have from back then.

Thanks bud but I’m guessing based on all the changes from my own burned in memory that that can’t be any earlier than sometime 2004-05. Cabinets are completely rearranged, ttt and mvc2 are off the big screens after all those years, DDR replaced with a Time Crisis. Looks like they put a second 3rd strike machine right in the middle of the walkway. Doesn’t look as open and spacious as it once did. 3s hadn’t blown up yet, it sat lonely on a small cabinet relegated to whatever’s on the right of SVC in those pics. Guessing they brought in a 2nd cabinet sometime after evo04 attention. Behind the counter has some jungle gym or prizes or shit completely obstructing the window to the golf course which gives an even more dark boxed in svgl feel. Don’t recognize a single dude there in those pics either. A lot of kids. It always had teens running around at the time but it wasn’t for the fighters. Shit, if only our cell phones at the time had been able to do more than play Snake and customize different color faceplates

Pre-EVO 2006

I remember that setup back in the days. Good times. I was only in motherfucking 8th grade during those days. There was 2 3rd Strike setups and 2 CvS2 setups. Gosh I remember all the old arcade classics were still there.

I heard MGL sucks now though

Friday night is the only good night for fighting games during our VERSUS events. Sadly the rest of the week theres nothing to play in terms of fighting games.

Visiting from Canada, I just went here yesterday.
So sad, I am 10 years too late :frowning:

Yeah, Friday night versus is where the scene is now. Most weeks I try to bring down a modded ps3 for retro games (alphas,sf3’s,sf2 versions). Those were great times though (00-03) I used to frequent MGL and SVGL quite a bit in those times usually going back and forth between both arcades on fri. or sat. nights for third strike. Sadly I don’t have any pics from that era, only memories :slight_smile: