Millia vs Chipp

Can anyone give a detailed analysis on this match-up?

Umm, how detailed does it need to be? Chip ges knocked down once = match over.

That’s not true. Plus chipp’s moves like his C.HS, J.HS and F+P have alot of priority over everything millia does. What’s she supposed to do when he uses Dashing C.HP from max range? Everything she does turns in to a counter hit in chipp’s favor. That ONE move knocks her out everything from what i’ve seen. Come on guys can some please explain how this match is played on high level?

What about that dont you understand? If he falls on the ground the match is over. His c.hs does not beat her low dust, f+p, or 236+s. She can also lock him down with the hair pin if he gets jump happy, or if she just want to keep him in one place. She can also trade with him in the air, and since he takes damage poorly she wins. Best chip can do it use, in and out poke strings with minimal pay off, and try to force mistakes. But the first time he gets counter hit out of anything he dies. Not because of his hp, even though that has alot to do with it. But because EVERYONE dies when they get knocked down against Millia. With the exception of Slayer and Sol, but even thier options are limited. To me this is like a worse match up in Millias favor. The Chip player would have to be considerably more skilled than the Milla player to win. Because she can match speed and air time with him he loses alot of his normal advantages. His upper invincibility on his f+p isnt ganna help him cause most Milla players are ganna rush you with c.k. I understand how Chips rush down works, but I cannot see a Chip realistically rushing down Millia considering her outstanding advantages.

I didnt mean to be short with you earlier, but that is the simple answer to the question. Chip falls, he dies. Chip gets counter hit, he dies. She actually safely be over agressive against him because he has no threatening wake up game.

Oh, and your c.hs technique is only ganna work if you manage to make Millia turtle/rush her down. Which is not going to happen in high level play. At Millas normal rush distance, she is too close for you to use that. You might get it off at the beggining of the match… any other abuse of the move will get you punished.

Yeah thats very true Chipp falls game over its like do for pretty much all characters unless they have an invincible wake up move but that also depends on if the millia player is smart

Question: If Millia blocks the C.HS What’s the best thing to hit him with afterwards? What should she do against a chipp that double or triple jumps to cross-up on her with J.HS? is it better for her to stay on the ground or the air? Also is there anyway to block chipp’s super(the one where he flies back and forth across the screen) without taking block damage? Seems like when you use faultless defense he still hits you from the back.

Couldn’t Chip just Beta Blade on get up from being knocked down, or am I missing something? (I don’t play Chip at all, although I still think he loses for free.)

Beta blade doesnt have enough invencibility, same problem with Kys dp+s/hs move. While it may look practical you will get hit with a well placed 236+hs by any Millia that knows what she is doing. However, Sol… just…owns…

With milla, if Chip takes to the air for any significant amount of time (ie double jumping, etc), milla should follow him. She pretty much owns him in the air too. j.s>j.hs will bring him down to earth wheather he gets hit or blocks. You cant also use the air pin to detur those types of things. If Chip IADes in on you, or just jumps shallow on you in general, f+p will stuff just about eveything he has at his disposal. Other options that are more cercomstantial are just a regula standing p. Press it rapidly when shallow jumpers come at you blindly, you will get plenty of free air combos. It also beats most moves too.

What to do after a blocked c.hp from Chip tottaly depends on your personal prefrencee. For me, if his back is closer to the corner you will want to do a bread and butter string like c.k>s>s>… if the string hits, combo into hs>c.dust> once they are grounded have a field day with your favorite wake ups, give em hell. If they block the c.k>s>s> string, frc 236+hs into high low of choice, throw, iad cross up tricks, whatever suits you. Just anything to crack them open. Then initial object here is to ground them, the damage will come. Once anyone is grounded, they BELONG to Millia. Remember that, fully exploit this, and if you are against a Milla, avoid at all costs falling on the ground or being cornered.

If your problem against Chip is that you are running into counter hits, start using f+p when you dash in every once in a while. I cant stress it enough, this move staggers on counter hit man… you can seriously punish cocky poke whores with it.

Either this, or find a way to force them to block so they cant poke you out of your oncoming rush down. Millia has many tools at her disposal. Hair pin forces them to block. f+k is an excellent counter poke tool so long as you arent close range. If you are dashing in, its an overhead and it fairly hard to counter. It combos into 236+s and then combo of choice.

With Milla, learn to pay close attention to the persons block pattern. When you do strings like c.k>s>s watch, are they blocking high or low? If they blocked the kick they must be blocking low, frc 236+hs>f+k>etc…

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