Mike Ross Joins MLG

Just announced on Level Up’s stream.

Could this be why GooTecks quit the FGC?

What the hell Mike Ross?

April Fools

April Fools’ maybe?

Yep, I’m not trusting ANYTHING I read today. Not a damn thing.

Though it would be really funny if he did. :stuck_out_tongue:

i like this thread


Off to a great start.

Toonami? Mike Ross? Curleh mustache?

Best day ever.

It’s hardly an irrelevant topic, since it was an April Fools gag.

Though I am a bit surprised that someone actually fell for it …

And before you come up with some lame excuse about why you didn’t fall for it, why would you get mad over it if you knew?

I say let Mike Ross do his thing. Maybe its a good move for him personally instead of where others want him to be :slight_smile:

Not April Fools but equally as unbelievable, LI Joe is Brazzers.

That’s terrifying.

Not at all. The only thing funnier than you falling for my April fools gag is you trying to insult me for it.

Real talk is that gootecks?

I’m just pointing out that you’re the only one who fell for my gag. I see you neglected that fact.

And as for insulting not necessary:

if it wasn’t necessary, why’d you bother doing it?

I wonder what excuse you’ll give next?

Somebody close this thread. There’s really nothing more to add, except for Dreamboi’s sad attempts at trying to save face.