Mika Matchup: Ryu

This series of threads is all about counter play. I will update the first post to always have the most relevant information of the entire thread, so please share what you know :slight_smile:

Baiting out Dp’s feels like the bane of my existence. I literally just fought a guy who DP’d every time on block won then game 2 didnt Dp once.

It seems baiting DP’s is not as effective as it used to be. We can’t rely on this anymore. The great majority of Ryus out there just block on wake up nowdays. Shotos used to be an easy match, but they are becoming a real problem now.

When they block, you gotta start throwing.

The danger is that it’s different for everyone, and you want to grab the momentum when you can. Some Ryu will DP every time. If they DP early, then you want to start baiting it out. Better Ryu would rather take the mix up early and save the DP for when you let your guard down. So when the life is low you have to call when they will DP. It will likely mean whether or not you win the match.

Yea, I know I must try and throw them, but it seems they are too fond of jabbing too. Shotos used to be the easiest, most predictable opponets. Now they are still predictable, but I just don’t know how to pierce their defenses. I’m watching a lot of replays lately, and it seems that even on Platinum, shotos are still being a problem for Mika users.

I basically don’t jump anymore. I try to walk more and use f+MK and spaced out cr.HP to attack instead of jumping.

I’m having trouble with this as well. A ryu that constantly throws fireballs to control horizontal space and then has good enough reactions to DP any jump ins is rough. I haven’t figured out a good way to consistently beat defensive Ryu’s.

If you jump over a fireball you can use d.mp to body slam cutting your jump angle short. If the Ryu is waiting for an srk he can wiff it at this point letting you get in. Another thing is to just bull dog him to the corner, keep neutral jumping and advancing, react if he dashes towards you but let him back himself to a corner with his hdk until you can safely jump them, or even peach over them.

I think Mika’s anti zonning tools should be more reliable. Sometimes I try sliding under fireballs with cr.HK or even going over them with charged s.HK, but it’s really hard to get the timing right. I believe neutral jumping and keep walking forward is the best way to approach the situation.

charged s.hk is very unreliable to get over a fireball. c.hk is alright, so is h.peach but they still aren’t that great.

I’m getting EX DP’d out of my standard combos sMP-sHP and sLk-sMp is it because I leave a few extra frames or I don’t input perfectly time combos, Ryu literally takes one hit and then EX DP me out the combos. I must be doing something wrong right?

Yeah you must be missing the combo timing a bit. Remember that there is 3 frame input in this game, so it’s safer to hit a button earlier rather than later.

This is how you fight Ryu.


what is a “hdk”?

hdk = hadouken

this matchup is the only time i’ll ever hold down back for a significant amount of time. maybe not over a certain period of time. but i’m blocking fireballs and walking forward whenever i can. c.forward and s.strong are good poke tools in this matchup. one thing i’ve found that increases my chances against a really defensive ryu is to use nadeshiko as a way to get in. try to use nadeshiko near the corners and not in the middle of the stage. also use the delayed nadeshiko as well. most mika setups with instant nadeshiko are resets or damage boosts. if it’s a reset ryu can just reversal out of it so i like to use delayed as much as possible. ex buttsplash through fireballs when you’re close enough and when you have their timing down. if you can’t get their timing down, you can at least see ryu pull his hands back on startup.

S-laughter i might just post on all your threads today lol

Please do, I need all the counter play info I can get :slight_smile: