Who here has come across this Mik! player? They pick Megaman/Saki and spam the shit out of the one-button projectiles. Whenever I fight them there is just enough lag that I can’t really pull anything off. The best I can do is jump around and play hard to get but that gut has a really mean combo with Megaman that he links twice. The guy is definitely really good but annoying as fuck to play against. He/she has ~2500 wins.

Hahaha, I’ve played him many times (including a few times today) and just had to reply =) He is really good. He’s minimally lagged. Now maybe minimal is everything, but he’s certainly not more lagged than reasonably expected. Yes, he does have nasty Megaman combos. I actually really enjoy playing his Megaman, but as a Saki player I can’t stand Saki vs Saki matches.

Generally you want to rush him down. Like when he’s doing that one-button projectile you’re talking about, you need to bring the game up close. But he is very good and doesn’t deserve implications of unfairness.

i totally agree that he’s damn good. i think i killed his megaman once but wasn’t able to finish off his saki. i also play saki and think saki vs saki is annoying just in general.