Midwest Tourney Attendance?

[LEFT]I’m relatively new to the Marvel and Street fighter scene, but I’ve been playing other games competitively for 4 years now and am experienced with hosting tourneys. After watching UFGT7 and not knowing a lot of the names of the great midwest players I decided that we need more tournaments in the area. If I was able to get one going It would be in Indiana close to Indianapolis.[/LEFT]
So basically right now I need some numbers, how many people would show up. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Since you are new ill help you out a little, if you start a tournament make sure you look at all the other tournament threads so you can pick up stuff that is standard in FG tournaments. Also making a thread like this will most likely get you no feedback, you are better off just flat out planning the event and posting it in the tournament and events thread and in each citys thread in the Midwest Region area. Make sure it does not conflict with other big tournaments around the area and make sure you get the standard rules down for all the FGs and make sure you put down everything in detail. Hope this helps and try asking for some more feedback/support in your own city /towns thread.

All those big “midwest” tournies always seem to be in the Illinois to Ohio area. Nothing on the more western cities like Minneapolis, St. Louis, or Kansas City. Oh well…

Final Round 15 Midwest Qualifier #1 of 2 - THIS WEEKEND 6/4/2011 in Kansas City!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Super Street Fighter IV
Mortal Kombat 9
Tekken 6
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2

Team tournaments as time permits, side events welcome! There are two Hyper Fighting cabs and a Killer Instinct cab on site, so bring quarters!

More Information:


Thanks for the help, but I do know a little about how to get one going I just didn’t want to preemptively make a tourney thread before the sponsor I’m trying to get agrees to help us out.

It’s always a tall order. Take notes from UFGT since that was run really well. I have been going to these little tournaments around town that no one really goes to outside of who the tournament organizers know personally, they just need to get it out and marketed. Put announcements in every thread for a city within a 5 hour driving radius. I’ve got the same level of experience as you do so I don’t have any great advice, but I will say the trip to Indiana from Stl ain’t that bad so if it was big, I’d go :smiley:

Indianapolis has been running very nice regional tournaments for a long time – I would post in the Indy thread and talk to those guys about helping you do another soon. Riot Guard, Vega, Indy, those are a few guys to talk to who are experienced in your area.

The Midwest is the most spread out and unforunately weakest part of the country, fighting-game wise, and it’s not easy to get Midwest people to travel far either.

It’s hard to get Midwest people to travel in the first place and we don’t have the concentrated scenes of the Coasts, number-wise and skill-wise, which is why we started Season’s Beatings based around Coast and then International players doing special event matches as a draw.

Putting together a grudge match that you can hype up for a local tournament is always a fun idea, like having one city’s 3-man team vs. another city’s.

btw, I think barzaad ran the latest Indy tourney, so you might want to talk to him too

Thanks for the info! As soon as i get the go ahead im going to advertise like a madman.