Midwest Tournaments

Hello I’m an Iowa player myself, and I was wondering if anybody knew about tournaments round Iowa or any surrounding states. It’s hard to find tourneys and tourney level players round here cause im stuck in the middle of America

The big one is probably what used to be called Evo North, now Midwestern Championship or something. It’s in illinois (Northbrook if I remember correctly, it’s about 20 minutes outside of downtown chicago).

Cool, cool, Chicago’s a little bit of a drive, but if theres a big tourney there I’m gonna be there.

Your best bet is to go down the main page to the Regional matchmaking and find the Iowa thread. I’m sure there’s plenty of smaller-scale tournament. I just gave you the big one for that region.

OH lol, i didnt even bother scrolling down the forum page to that far. Thanks for the tip

Regional Matchmaking —> Midwest

Find the Iowa thread.

Also, the Tournament Announcement sub-forum, look for anything in the midwest. I’ve been to tournaments in Dubuque Iowa, myself.