Midwest Challenge 4 on FEB 17-19 featuring the 1st GUILTY GEAR SLASH TOURNAMENT

Yes MWC4 comes a little late this year. But these are always a blast to run and compete in. We will have the 1st Major Guilty Gear slash tourney here. This will top off a major list of games. So practice up Midwest heads. It’s going DOWN…again.

Going down???..Where?

557 Waukegan Rd
Northbrook,IL 60062
(847) 559-8727

Main event Game:

While we will have Slash by this point. it’ll be unfair to everyone else. So #reload and SC3 will be the main event games. meaning if we get a certain # of entrants(like 32). then a $200 pot bonus kicks in. It’s up to you, the players if the top player gets the whole $200.00 or gets split evenly 4 ways. It’s also up to you the player to come out and support and help the Pot. remember both games are wide open and ANYONE can come out on top and cash in.


Reload, Tekken 5, Sc3 will be played on consoles, There will be a covercharge of $5.00 for console players. The arcade can’t make $$ otherwise.


Main event Saturday:(entrance fee for each will be $10.00)
noon: Sc3 regionals(Run by XCTU)
2pm: #reload singles)or whenever Sc3 reaches semi finals(run by me and ElvenShadow)
3pm: 3rd Strike (Run by Bob Washington)
5pm: reload teams(for the $200.00 pot) ( Again run by me and Elvenshadow)

Sunday:(only tekken 5 will be $10.00, the rest will be $5.00 to enter)

noon:Tekken 5(again with XCTU)
1pmGuilty Gear SLASH( again by elvenshadow and m)
2pm: Mvc2
4pm: ST or random game that gets more than 8 entrants
for each tournament cash payout will be 60/30/10 but if the players decide on top 4 getting the $200.00 bonus then it will be split so that each player recieves $50.00 for their efforts.

Team tournament rules:
1.One thing that will stay the same is that there must be a certain amount of ppl entering so there must be 33 ppl entering for the pot to kick in
2.No same characters on a team(ex. 2 sol’s for instance)
3.A person must stick with the same character for the entire tournament(ex. me=Sol,Bozac=Faust, Aaron=Millia)
4. Entrance fee will be $10.00 a head

Red roof Inn is across the street from nickel city. check herehttp://www.redroof.com/reservations/inn_details.asp?innNumber=0188&NOA=&aYr=&aMo=&aDa=&dYr=&dMo=&dDa=&BTR=RRProximityResults.aspx?searchtype=AD&CP=&TA=&redi=

Any questions?

EDIT: Sc3 will no longer get a $200.00 pot due to funds…better to tell you now than be dissapointed if you win. Sincere apologies.

make it slash dark as molases

Giggidygiggidy :smiley:

this shit will be hot, everyone better come

Sup Shy Town, man its so many tournies going on around Jan to Feb and I’m dealing with a lot right now with a newborn and being a newly wed so I only can go to one this winter. AZ,Family Fun,Shy Town,or CO,MO cause they came to N Cubed ya know. Trying to get the Midwest stronger.

So if I dont see yall dont be talking about how u beasted on Ne if Butch or Cam didn’t show up but I’ll definatley hit up or make an effort to hit up the MWC in June.

Thanks for the congrats Juicy.


To Spectate and Maybe play, I’m gonna set aside the weekend to come and show my Support. :bgrin:

Ok, seriously. Can someone pick peeps up from O’hare or what?? I hella ain’t playing the 50z cab ride mini-game anymore :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

200 bonus for which games. And does it have to be a certain amount of people entering?

People actually play that shitpile SC3?

No ST or CvS2, you still got that misc. spot. Are ppl gonna start rooming up again at RR cause I’m all out of cash so most likely whatever I save up now till the tourney is probably gonna be my entire budget.

anychance of SFEX3? I can have 2 consoles and copies of the game if needed.

Justin: re-read the post again. Sc3 and gg will be the only ones for the bonus. Mvc2 and 3s’s turnouts have been shitty the last couple years.

Klt: sorry dude…the only explaination i can give is that EVERYONE lives really far from O’hare(not to mention nickels). But I’ll mos def try to help you out.

ShinjiGohan: If you can get more than 8 ppl…then maybe,

yo whats up with the CvS2? and to a lesser extent CFJ?

Same as with Ex3 if more than 8 would like to enter then maybe i’ll fit it into the 4 o clock spot, and turnout for those games have been beyond pathetic last year(at championships). Not a good look when you have to beg people to enter, and to have almost have half the entries get in for free because they was staff.

“Misc” = Super Turbo…?

:slight_smile: I’ll pay for the first 10 entries in EX3.

i think i can help with rides from o’hare to northbrook.

mvc2 should be $10 if some special guests come.

NKI: same as with ex3 and cvs2. but honestly this game would have the best chance of being the misc game. If the rest of the midwest St players came out like Seth ,wes and yourself then I have no problem running that game.

KLT, I can probably help you out, depending on when you come in and where im at I can probly either pick you up from ohare or you can take the CTA blue line train to my apartment if I happen to still be there when you arrive, it only costs 1.75, if you came there you can just jump in my car when I drive up to nickel city.

whatever happend to those chicago vs some other team thing crapola thing?