Midwest Challenge 3 full results

GGXX reload:

3rd:Ricky O(Cali)-Baiken
5th:Elven Shadow(Chi)-Faust




4th:Juicy G(Chi)-Yun
5th Butch Pierce(Ne)-Hugo
5th Adam “SHAAAAADDYY”-Makoto


3rd(tie)-Juicy G/madbooface
5th-Tony K(Chi)-Scrub

GGXX team tourney

2nd:Eric Collazo(potemkin)/Juicy G(Sol)

3s team

2nd:Juicy G/Floe

mvc2 team

2nd:Madbooface/Juicy G

Dissapointing turnout compared to last year,But that’s Because we announced the tourney too late.Hopefully it’ll be done better next year.Thank you to all who came out.mvc2 vids will be coming from combomasher soon. and ggxx vids from elvenshadow should be done within a week or 2. Peace

what teams were used in cvs2? and that’s WEAK to split the money and not play the finals IMO. at least play for the sake of competition/having some quality matches because it’s not like ricky and jwong play everyday considering they’re on opposite sides of the country.


They probally throw the match’s anyway’s :tup:

It saves time that way…

Dan, this is Frank. I went to MWC and played CvS2, only 10 people for the tournament, I got third, not Floe. He only played 1 winner’s bracket match, and Ricky forfeited to him 2nd round. I lost to Ricky both matches that I played against him. And, I made loser’s bracket finals, so how Floe got 3rd I have no idea.

Teams were: C-groove Cammy/Blanka/Sagat (me + Chris + Justin)
C-groove Ken/Chun-Li/Sagat (ricky)
K-groove c/b/s (ricky)
P-groove Rock/Terry/Ryu (Datrick)
A-groove Sak/Blanka/Bison (Floe + Kurt)
A-groove Eagle/Geese/someone (Jamarr)

Can’t remember the other teams used. Peace.
After I lost to Ricky in loser’s finals, the tournament ended…noone played anymore matches.

whats with all the ties =/

Its really fuckin gay to tie at tourneys. Especially tourneys that people travel to go to. :lame:

it’s one thing to split prize money, but alot of ppl do travel to see the high-level matches and when 2 ppl decide to just “not play” and take a tie…I agree that is lame.

but if they still play but decide to split the money then that’s on them.


Then who did he lose to? If he was in winner’s after you were in losers in a 10 man tourney you should’ve had to play him at some point. Are you sure it was loser’s finals the 2nd time you lost to ricky, and not like the round before it? If it was just Justin/Ari in winners finals and Ricky cleared everyone out of losers, then that would do it.

Good shit Cue!!! NE Guilty Baby. What happened in 3s!!! Juicy G!!! I guess…Yun is tops…

I’m moutro

skisonic—Floe only played 1 match against Jamarr from NE, and won. Then ricky forfeited his 2nd round match with Floe, and went to loser’s bracket. Floe only played that one match, then never played again. I won my first round match against Datrick, then lost to ricky, in the losers bracket i beat Chris Rose, Kurt G. (dont know where he is from) and Simon from NE. In the loser’s finals, I lost to ricky again. therefore me getting 3rd, and floe getting whatever place…4th i guess?

You got 4th son, if Ricky went to losers and you did too then you both can’t be in losers finals. Losers finals = The last guy in the losers bracket vs the loser of winners finals. You got 4th.

Did this Kurt have a funky hair colors done to his hair and was wearing glasses? If so then I know where he’s from.

yeah kurt had blonde highlights and glasses, played A groove Sak/Blanka/Bison. He was mad cool. And by the way, I did get 3rd. And i was in loser’s finals. Floe won 1 match in winners, then was forfeited to by ricky in 2nd round, then never played again. So, in fact he forfeited, therefore me getting 3rd. And I really dont think I have to explain this to anyone, the people who were there and actually watched the tournament know what happened.

P.S. since when doesn’t the match of the losers finals NOT determine who gets 3rd?

Do you mean Floe Forfeited or Ricky forfeited to him?

Ricky forfeited to Floe. Anyways, amidst all this drama from people speculating about this crap…

I forgot to say gg’s to everyone, domingo, chris, ricky, justin, kris gill (lucky bastard =) ), datrick, simon, butch, stacy, whoever else was with you guys. It was fun. CvS2 tourney was shitty no doubt, only 10 peeps showing up for that crappy game. But I still feel I deserve my props too…If Floe didn’t want to play anymore, he loses his placement…don’t disrespect me and put me beneath someone who only physically played one match George…

Frank (frizzi)

Allright this is how it works out, Floe plays 1 match and Ricky forfeits to him. HE IS NOW IN WINNERS FINALS HE IS GUARANTEED 3rd. WHEN HE LOSES HE GOES RIGHT IN LOSERS FINALS. Ricky plays through losers and beats you at the final part before losers finals allowing him to play Floe and now win for grandfinals. YOU GOT 4th LEARN HOW A BRACKET WORKS KID.

If anyone has videos, or pictures and can’t find a free host, PM me and I can host some videos or pictures. I am sharing 3 gb of space for MWC3 media ONLY at the moment.

Floe you bobeep ass bitch. Play 1 match then get 3rd. You owe me some pizza for a scam like that.

Do you know what I placed in #R, Juicy?

Good games to everyone. Sucks the turnout was so low, and to everyone who was expecting me to do better, sorry, I suck so I guess I will just have to get better. Ruin and Peter, it was cool hanging with you guys all weekend, next time you come to Chicago you know I will hook you guys up again. I hope you feel better Peter, sorry you had to get sick off shitty burgers. Thanks to STL for coming out again, sucks that half your crew couldnt make it. I might throw a UIC tournament in a month or so, you guys should try and make it out. Nebraska, it was cool seeing you guys again too, I will try to make it to Ncubed if I dont have anything more important to do and if theres room in someones car, I am always up for more money matches too! KLT, sorry Im not sure how well you placed, Domingo has the brackets.