Midnight Snack

I just scarfed down a Peanutbutter and Jelly Sandwhich. Skippy Super Crunch, Smuckers Strawberry Spread on Wheat. Glass of milk to wash it down with. So good. So SRK what are your favorite midnight snacks?

pb&j sounds good right about now, pb&j on toast is some whole other shit. also 50/50 peanut butter & ice cream is dank as hell. sushi & beer has gotta be my favorite though. or some digiorno leftover from dinner & not completely fridge-hardened yet.

T Bell drive through, 89 cent chicken burritos, 3 packs of fire sauce each. Or maybe some beefy 5 layer burritos. Usually what I grab on weekends after gigs.

I’m hungry.

White Castle. It really only tastes good after midnight and you gotta be drunk. I don’t think I have ever eaten White Castle in sunlight…


haha yeah. Shit is exclusively ‘post club’ business, I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten diner food sober.

Yogurt, Rice Crisps, Peanutbutter sandwiches. I try not to go crazy eating late, not too good for you.

4 piece chicken nugget minimeal from McD’s.

The jalapeno and cream cheese taquitos from 7-11 are bomb.

oatmeal and water.

yeah. nothing else to eat…

Reheated chili, chimichangas, tacos, curry, pretty much anything really spicy works best for me.

taco bell and slim jims

The ones that have been roasting there all week?

graham crackers with a banana

mostly an act of laziness, i was going to eat pasta, but for some reason, lately i have been feeling sketchy about filling my stomach before bed.

First of all, Mountain Dew is the ambrosia of modern man.

Second of all, a simple cheese and tomato ketchup sandwich is much underappreciated. Land yourself some nice, soft bread and some creamy mature cheddar and you’re already there man.

Dinner, part 2 :grrr:

:coffee: Breakfast the prequel

:r: Lunch joke goes here :l:

I like extreme cheddar goldfish for a midnight snack.

People go through the drive thru for a midnight snack? I usually scrounge up whatever is in the fridge, no way i’m leaving the house. Peanut butter on toast is a good one. Peanut butter and banana is a treat too

For whatever reason, I can eat peanut butter or jelly just fine, but the combination of both tastes like doo-doo to me.

Only posting cuz I’ve yet to see anyone agree with me on this.:confused: