Middletown, CT - Takashi Cup: 01/15/2011

WHO: Courtesy of the Miyamoto League, LLC

WHAT: Takashi Cup - SSFIV Double Elimination Tournament

WHEN: January 15th, 2010, 4:00PM

WHERE: A New World Laser Tag & Underworld Gaming: 423 Main Street, Middletown, CT - (860) 343-399

Entrance Fee: $15.00 ($5.00 venue fee, $10.00 tournament fee)

[]XBox 360
]BYO Stick/Pad;
[]At least two ASUS HDMI Evo Standard Monitors
]Two standard-definition CRT TVs (lag-free)

Tournament Style:
[]Evo-standard, double-elimination bracket (courtesy of CHALLONGE! - Tournament Brackets - Single & Double Elimination, Round Robin, Swiss)
]All matches will be **best of three rounds, best of three games **up until winners’/losers’ finals
[]Winners’/losers’ finals will be best of three rounds, best of five games
]Grand finals are best of three rounds, best of five games as well. Winner of losers’ finals has to win twice to take first place.

Payout: 70/20/10-percent split (Entrance fee reimbursed for second runner up if 10% is less than entrance fee).

Tournament Organizer(s): alpha, G0dhand, Blondie

Questions/Comments: Email - takashicup@miyamotocup.com; Mobile - 203-907-5411<-- If you have text messaging, feel free to do so first before calling

Extra Information:
[]Because the venue sells it’s own drinks/food, no PAID FOR OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES SOLD AT THE VENUE allowed inside the venue (venue prices are fairly cheap).
]Just reply to the thread if you plan on attending, bringing a guest, and/or may or may not attend and I’ll update the thread as needed.
[*]Dependent upon how many people choose to participate, we may/may not have a lazer tag tournament after the SSFIV tournament is over. :woot:

Hope to see a good showing! :tup:

Q&A Answers:
1.) There we will be absolutely no restrictions on character choice at any given point in time. This is includes if the match ends up being a mirror.

Previous Tournament Results

List of Possible Entrants:

  • Raion (?)
  • Manny_O
  • blueNINE
  • g0dhand
  • kyriptic
  • Blondie
  • Poundmax
  • Shenmue (?)
  • Trent (?)
  • Andersen
  • DeadlyMagnoCT
  • Kryonik
  • Essex
  • Gysbert (?)
  • Glitched Red (?)
  • LBChaos
  • gridman (?)
  • CLxJames(?)
  • JoeyMiggs81
  • TommyTwoTime77 (A.K.A. FrankieFourFingers :smokin:)
  • Baka
  • Korikai

Count me as a maybe. Also previous results?

No need to sign up or anything right?

I should be able to make it. :smiley:

Correct, just bring your pretty face.

(very homo). :rofl:

Updated the OP with link to results. I put the results of the first tournament in the original tournament thread. This time around I’ll post a results thread.

thanks for the reminder Raion. :tup:

I’m in.

The exception being that you can’t change your character immediately after winning a game, if you’re still playing the same set, yes? (Standard tournament rules.)

It’s normal tournament rules, before they had some crazy rules about 1st round character picks and no mirror matches and stuff like that. Thats the only reason he mentions that, but now its all standard Tournament format.

By the way I’ll probably be there, like usual.

Yeah as Kyriptic said, standard rules apply. No character changes for j00 after you win a match.

If my converter comes in the mail before this…

I’m there.

Looking forward to meeting you Godhand. :slight_smile:

I’ll be there.

sign me up for lazer tag tournament

Same here man! :tup:

@Magno, really hope to see you there bro! Get in touch with Craig and Rocky and see if their down too? :clapdos:

ill more then likely be there unless i cant get work off, may i also suggest a team tourney?

Yeah, we tried to do that after the double elim but most people were out pretty quickly last time.

If more people want to stay for it this time we’ll set it up.

I will let them know

Team Machinegun, bro

Team Brouken. :wonder:

Also I will be there, trying to get people from Western Mass to come along with me too but so far it’s just me

Awesome to hear man, and thanks for trying to pull in a bigger croud. Much appreciated. :clapdos: