Michigan Results: SvC, CvS2 Teams, And

Michigan’s 1st SvC Tournament Results:

1st: Julian C
Demitri Maximoff, Geese Howard

2nd: GJMassu
Geese Howard

3rd: Joe Seph

Don’t know much of what happened here because I was just coming in from work, and by that time, it was already at the finals. I do know that Massu was in the winners bracket, and Julian eventually brought him down with a plethora of Geese matches. The finals, if I’m not mistaken went to the last match and round. I think the tournament reached about 12 people.

CvS2 Team Tournament:

1st: Keshawn Cook, DreStinson

2nd: RedDevilNinja, AVX

3rd: Cheese Master, Final Showdown
C-Groove: Ken R2, Kim Kaphwan R2

Someone needs to help me out on this one, because I was too busy running 3rd Strike to see who was used and what happened. 10 teams total (20 people)

3rd Strike Results:

1st: John Carter
Ken: SA1, ChunLi: SA1

2nd: Tournament Known Killa (KCook)
Hugo: SA1, Ryu: SA1, Ken: SA3

3rd: Vel
Oro: SA2 (alternated with SA1 and 2 after lost matches)

Couple of notes on this one. No Brutality Bonus was offered since it was impossible to keep up while also in CvS2 Teams. The turnout surpassed the 16 mark (18 people), but 3 left on an emergency, but the bonus was still honored since we initially reached that mark. Saginaw was a no-show, so only $50 was given/divided to the winners.

About all I’ll say from here is that I apologize to all of the 3rd Strike participants on the events that happened during the 2nd half of the tournament. I try to ensure quality wherever I go and whatever I do, and if it’s something beyond my control, then one way or another I’ll fix it in due time. I may hold another 3rd Strike tournament during the…anniversary…It will not happen again, and Wizzards will hear of what happened tonight from me eventually. Congrats to all the players, and hope to see you again next time.

Thank you.

–Judgment Day

That first side was screwed after a while, and I got screwed out of a win because of it:lol: Good game and congrads to all though

hmm,… that side was broke eh… well then jd thats why u bet me (j/k) but ill take a rematch with you jd, come up to ltu one day, dosent have to be a sat or anyting. ime here every day.
contact me. (same thing goes for anybody near the southfield area)

When’s the Wizzards aniversary?

Boy well i cant say im not a lil’ happy somewhere people were complaining about sticks besides me for once. Anyway yea kinda shitty about cvs2 first no alpha counters then i kept comet crunchers for hien zans. sigh at least it wasnt the blocking this time. anyway it was nice to see everyone again.

On a intresting note right after the tourny we got pulled over by a cop and we were all searched and stuff. ._. it was pretty intresting cant say i was ever frisked before unless counting when i was stoner back in my school days and maybe they asked if i had a bowl on me or something. alas that was hall monitor and this dude umm frisked me. haha oh well made the day more intresting i guess.

Oh well to we meet again hope everything goes well for everyone.


Good shit dude,Regardless of what people say your tourney was nice (as usual) so was MASSU’S part the team tourney was nice,it was very cool to see some old faces (chessemaster-clayton) you guys are still cool (I LEARNED ALOT FROM SEEING CLAYTON PLAY KIM) thank you (I needed a new character to explore) welp the teamtourney was like 10 teams that got in it (VERY NICE TURN OUT) BRIAN&IAN played the most unique team (honda,morigan) HOT SHIT!!! Me and my partner dre MURDERED EVERYONE WE PLAYED!!! I think I got like 6/7 OCV’S YEAH IT’S FOREAL!!! we played 3/5 and might I add that are match against what was suppose to be our rival team (VDO,MASSU) I ocv’d both times I started the match (LOL) just had to say that,As far as third strike goes,Good shit to John for beating me (I’m not one to make exuses) so I won’t I’ll just say he STILL gave me my respect as being the best michigan third strike player!!! BROKE STICKS AND ALL!!! shit was still fun,We should ALL keep the turn out’s going like that an thanks again JD AND MASSU!!! that was really nice of ya’ll to throw them.HOLLA


shit only 6/7? lol seriously though dude you and dre were fucking people up the whole time. How many did dre get? man… I thought i had a lot of ocvs guess not as many as you though. Thanks for the props on my kim but he fucking sucked. =[ I cant do shit on the sticks. Oh well… anyway i wish wizzard sticks were better so i could play you guys when we are all comfertable on sticks and stuff.

same goes for vdo etc. Win or lose its all pretty gay to me when i think about wizzards sticks. I would rather we all play when we are at our best and stuff.

kinda gay when things are missed yadda yadda. Dunno i dont like winning or loseing when i think of bad sticks. make it seem fake to me…

anyway to bad cvs2 is a dum game and i gave it up long ago. Maybe one day a cvs3 will come out shrug.


I understand,Isay that some how some way,we try to get a real nice size console tourney going on!!! to me that way you can do what you gotta,Honestly I hate that you feel that way about cvs2 (I hate that) but it is what it is,welp if you can find it in you anyway to start playin PLEASE DO!!! I’d really like it if I could learn more from the michigan players in that game everybody’s always playin the sameole shit (top teir) and even I do thatBUT I’ve won tournies in michigan on s_groove (big deal maybe) anyway you playin makes me feel like I can still learn in that game!!! anyway talk to ya lata.HOLLA

Damn I’m kinda pissed I missed it. I went to CELEBRATION ON THE GRAND, a very large waste of my time.

Who does
1st: Keshawn Cook, DreStinson
and 2nd: RedDevilNinja, AVX use in CvS2?

Well, I’m not sure, but 3 of the 4 players who placed in the top two frequent this forum, so maybe they could tell you straight up.

LotusJuggalo: The anniversary I’m referring to is not of the arcade in question, but from a tournament we did awhile back.

The weekend of October 26th…

Dude just go up to wizzards some time,I’m not tellin whoI use!!! I personally useCvs2 (the whole game) LOL.HOLLA

PS:welp now that the tourney is over with andwhat not I didn’t touch either game on sunday (I usually hate games the day after a tourney) so today (monday) I’ll be back to practicing!!! I gotta get with my new crew (LTU) OBOT!!! I GOT YOUR PRIVATE MESSAGE.

The tournaments were fun.

Cops were pieces of garbage… they pulled us over, because of my busted tail light. Asked the usual stuff. All my stuff was in order… he checked my license etc, came back to my car, and then told me my driving was perfect and then asked me to step out of my car.

He proceeded to pat me down then did the same with the rest of the people. The other cop checked out my car. All on the proclamation that alot drugs go up and down 8 Mile… uh yeah… and my car was chosen because? Well I’m pretty sure it was racial profiling but whatever… I guess thats what happens when you have white people as cops. Just like they like assume that anyone who is not white is possibly a criminal… I’m going to assume from now on that all white cops are racists because they generally are. Hopefully one day that racial profiling crap backfires on his ass or he get fired… but it probably won’t happen.

Back to the tournaments. It was fun playing TKK again. I knew I sucked at CvS2… and I did. Hopefully I can make it out to the singles tournament.

As for my 3S skills… I dunno if it was TKK talking about how I need to learn to play the game when he saw me play… but I won’t argue with him for a second on that matter. I suck at the game and play it once in 2 to 3 months. But Ken is such a scrub character… I can get away with some of it. It sucked in me vs JD… that the sticked were fucked up for him… I can’t really even count that as a win.

As for busted sticks… no offense… but this is some bullshit… I remember people whined their asses off when I was running tournaments at Petes and the sticks were slightly messed up. And at least Petes had people look at the sticks and open the machine every now and then. Wizzards has busted sticks… and they don’t even have someone who can open the damn machine and fix it at hand? That is bullshit… they should refund every single person who entered the 3S tournament their 50 cents for each and every game played. Because not only did we pay money to enter the tournament… we HAD to play on shitty sticks which in casual play I would have otherwise not played on. And they need to be stop being assholes and put 3S on fucking tournament mode… if there is a tournament mode on a machine and there is a tournament running… put it on tournament mode… especially since they don’t fix their sticks.

Again it was fun playing everyone. And I need to stop sucking at CvS2… I missed 312321313123213213213213213213 combos… with Ken. And since that is all he is… that is not good.


Yansoma… for your knowledge… CvS2 went something like this:

  1. Keshawn, Dre (Sagat/Blanka -C groove)
  2. Chad, Terrell (Sakura, Cammy/Cammy, Mai, Eagle, Vega -A groove)
  3. Me, Clayton (Ken/Kim -C groove)
  4. George, Juan (Yamazaki/Joe, Zangief, Kyo -P groove)

Thats all I know for sure. The commas denote different characters a person used.

A good 70% of the time, Keshawn got OCVs when he started against another team. That much I know for sure. Clayton got probably the second most OCVs. Juan was probably 3rd.

The man

T.K.K You are the man…It wuz a pleasure teaming up with you. I couldn’t have asked for a better partna’.

In 3rd Strike…can ya’ll believe this dude played the finals with him son in his lap??? WHile playing Hugo at that!!! Dude is good…Thanx

And special Thanx to those that ran the tournies…JD…Massu!!!

Also, good to see everyone again…Wizzardz is alwayz off the hook!!! Ya’ll stay smooth…

DRE From Flint!


The man

Thanks for the props dude!!! I told you though (we was gone take it) anyway we don’t stop there, WE GOTTA KEEP PRACTICING!!! with just a few weeks look where ya game went (skies da limits) anyhow I hope to be seein you on X-box live soon buddy holla

CHEESEMASTER!!! thanks for peepin dat I was destroyin EVERYONE!!!(LOL) shit was too funny,the reason I talk so much shit about it is because when I was on a team with julian people were all sayin that HE WAS THE REASON WE WERE DOIN AS GOOD AS WE DID!!! welp this tourney THOSE SAME LOUD MOUTH AZZ NONE CVS2 PLAYIN BUMS GOT ONE MANNED OVER AND OVER AND OVER (LOL) anyway don’t you worry about you suckin feel free to try to meet up with me,maybe we can get a console tourney going on!!! I think you should get back into playin dat game you and clayton.HOLLA

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! thats right third strike has NEVER BEEN ON TOURNAMENT MODE FOR A TOURNEY!!! while at the same time saturday they put cvs2 on that mode they didn’t do it for third strike,THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE!!!

The CvS2 tourney was a FLUKE! Brian and Ian should of won that BULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSHIT! :mad: