Michigan Ranbats - (Ann Arbor/Garden City, MI) - biweekly

New Info
The next tournament is at Gameyard on November 29th.

The Tekken rankings have begun. Who will win???

2:30 - TEKKEN 2V2
5:30 - SF4 2V2
/New Info

Welcome to MI Ranbat Season 2!

The format is changing up some this time.

Current Rankings
Street Fighter 4
1st. Alucard (65)
2nd. Wolfkrone (47)
3rd. Perfect Legend (23)
4th. Checkmate (21)
5th. STD (19)
6th. AaronS (17)
7th. Thundercats (12)
8th. Chonger (10)
9th. Pachi (8)
11th. Dray (7), , Yusuke (7)
12th. Grego (6)
16th. Bokkin (2), Shawn (2), Kitty (2), Markudea (2)
26th. Ladymachine (1), Mello (1) Deante (1), Ayanami (1), Branton , KOH (1), Rodney (1), Shadolou (1), Blargamalarg (1), Cross (1)

Tekken 6
4th. Rodney (8), Haiguy (8), Perfect Legend (8), Alucard (8)
5th. Joshimitsu (7)
6th. Al (5)
10th. J wo (4), Panther (4), Ayanami (4), Shadowglare (4)
12th. Pandora (3), Ryujin
14th. Zram (2), Curtis (2)
18th. Wolfkrone (1), New Money (1), Levell (1), Kenta (1)

1st. Kenta (56)
2nd. Yusuke (30)
3rd. Aaron S (27)
4th. Alucard (15)
5th. Grego (11)
7th. Chonger (5), Greats (5)
9th. Shardz (4), Branton (5)
10th. Tigerbang (3)
17th. Seon (2), Sean (2), Cody (2), Daniel (2), Mr. Funky (2), Ladymachine (2)
21st. KOH (1), Mello (1), Joshimitsu (1), Madking (1)
Let’s face it, Kenta won. Well done, you get your venue fee off next season >.<

The ranbats are located at Gameyard, in Garden City

Garden City - www.thegameyard.com

The Game Yard has a parking lot right outside.

See the New Info at the start of the post for the next date.

Tekken 6 - 1:00
Street Fighter 4 - 2:30
T6 2v2 - 4:00
SF4 2v2 - 5:30

Rules and Money:
Each game costs $5 to enter at each tournament. The $5 goes straight into the prize pool for that game. There is also a $3 venue fee at each tournament, that goes to the venue. You can get your venue fee waived if you bring a console/hard drive/ help run the tournament/ you are Antwan and won the last season. Make sure to PM me about any of this. Don’t just assume you can get it waived.

Teams are 2v2, winner stays to play the other team’s next player.

If 5 or less people enter a tournament, it will be round robin. If 6 or more enter it will be double elimination.

The prizes are split 70/20/10 if 7 or more players are in the tournament. If 6 or less are in the tournament, 2nd place gets their $5 back and first place gets the rest.

The games will all be played on Xbox 360. Everyone will be happy to lend controllers if you need one.

SF4 and BB will be 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games. If you win a game you have to keep your character for the next one, but the loser may counter pick

No pausing and no button macros (3p and 3k style configs are allowed).

Ranking Points
Each game is going to be ranked separately. You score a certain of number of points every time you place top 8 in a tournament.

1st - 8 points
2nd - 5 points
3rd - 4 points
4th - 3 points
5th - 2 points
7th - 1 point

The rankings will be updated every tournament. At the end of the season (some time in a few months) the player with the most points will be declared the winner. There will be some kind of prize that I haven’t decided on yet.

I think that’s about it. I’ll be updating this thread regularly with new tournament info, and the rankings. Tell all your friends!

I’m so there.

I can prob provide an entire SFIV set up, TV, console, game all chars/colors/costumes unlocked. I’ll also prob have KOF12 and BB by then. I’ll IM you about it.


ack… will gameyard tourneys always be on sunday? Need to make sure I don’t have to work on the 12th.

Thanks for picking 1 console, that means 1 less stick I’ll have to bring. :tup: Might bring my hori EX2 as a loaner.

With KoF12 being delayed till the 20th, I’m assuming that’ll have its first tourney at the 2nd ranbat.

For BlazBlue, I’d like to recommend we use the Arcade setting since that automatically disables unlimited chars (superpowered boss versions of v13, ragna, rachel, and hakumen) and disables the console-only astral heats (I think that’s everyone except v13, ragna, and rachel) which would make it so that we wouldn’t need to worry about anything at all being unlocked. Astrals aren’t that integral to gameplay, plus it gets rid of the whole “wtf I can’t pick seth” issue. Also thinking that 1-button special move binds should be banned, because CvS2:EO. lol

Definitely looking forward to this! :bgrin:

Ugh, I’ll try and make it…I dont know if I’ll be payed yet or not though.

All that sounds good for BB.

Kof12 will start at #2.

What time are you starting SF4 at? I don’t get off work until 5:00 and I won’t be able to make it until 6:00. I say do BB and KoFXII first.

I’ll be unable to attend the Garden City event, but sign me up for Ann Arbor.

I can also bring a 360 with the game and an extra stick to loan out.

This is Kenta.

I’ll be glad to bring a xbox/hard drive and help run the tournaments for the wavier. Since my brother and I are planning to go to all of them and I’m broke.

I’ll send a PM but I don’t have 5 posts. :V

They have xboxs at the Game Yard, but if you guys bring your harddrives I’ll waive your fee.

1 more harddrive and we should be set.

Also, check the little update at the top of the OP.

blazblue here I comeeee

edit Marvel might not be available either for 2nd ranbat

T5DR yahoo? lol

I’ll probably be showing up spectating, at the very least. I’m not good enough to play yet, heh.

Well, if it’s not out, oh well >.<

Nazrin: The only way to get better is to play!

For SF4 I’m guessing? Can do, I’ll make sure I get Seth unlocked so Josh doesn’t hate me. lmao

I’m all for Tekken 5: DR!!!

Hey, if someone can get some tekken players together we can have that too.

Yup, and I’ll be playing more SF4 and some casuals at this ranbat, of course.

Hard drive it is then. And a loaner stick.

Are you sure you want to risk a MvC2 tournament at this juncture? The release date is apparently “near the end of July”: I’m sure it’ll be out in time for the 27th date, but the 12th looks like a dicey proposition.

I’ll be there for BB and I’ll have my poverty laptop with me, lol

If I don’t finish my new stick by then I’ll probably have to see if i can bum a loaner, though :<


If it’s out we’ll do it, if not we won’t. Right now I would assume it’s not coming out.

Sounds good, finding a loaner won’t be a problem.

Nobody plays it. The last time we ran it there were 4 people.