Miami, FL Street Fighter IV Miami Dade College Kendall Campus

First off im not the one hosting this tournament im just posting it for the host.

Street fighter 4 only tournament

Proceeds go to the American Cancer Society

Date and Time: Friday March 20th,2009 3:00pm

Location: Miami Dade College Kendall Campus Building: 6 Room:6302

entry fee: $5.00

prize: 1st place: $20 gift card to best buy
2nd place $15 gift card to best buy
3rd place $10 gift card to best buy

Contact Info: Isreal - 786-291-1239 email:

console system: xbox 360

rules: best out of 3 rounds(first to 2) out of one 1 match double elimination. winner of looser bracket must win 2 matches to win tournament. all characters are allowed anything goes.
(rules will be modifyed depending on how many people show up)

If you are a joystick player please bring it in because there will not be any joysticks there from the host to use. so BYOS if you wanna play on a stick! we will have regular controllers tho.

Hello, I and the Florida Engineering Society are the ones hosting the tournament. If anyone has any questions I’ll be glad to answer them. Here is a flier if you wish to print out the information.

What system?

Can this be after 5pm? Most people that can go work.

on the xbox 360 sorry i just added that

damn 3pm…a nigga gotta work!!

Best I could do is push it to 4 PM or 4:30 PM tops… Anyone who shows up at 3 PM is free to just use the time for some casual play between those that are there.


had this been posted more than 1 day ahead of time i probably would’ve gone, especially if its for a good cause

It should of been posted on Tuesday or Wednesday but Cheapo did not get back to me till yesterday. We will be having another tournament next week as well. Perhaps another game, someone in my group suggested Smash Bros but I am not a fan of that game or idea. So likely another SFIV tourny next week, less someone has a good suggestion?

i suggest Vampire Savior or Jo Jo Bizzare Adventure!!! you know everyone plays those games…

cute cheapo… real cute

I am here all setup and ready to go. No one so far which worries me… Guess we are pushing to to 4:30 PM or even 5 PM if that needs to be the case :sweat:

Alright the tournament was a bust. Very few showed up so we just played for fun. We will be trying this again next week friday. What time do you all think this should go down? I am thinking 5 Pm but thats just to have everythign setup at that time. Then not start the actual tournament till 5:30PM or 6PM.

Opinions please?

6 or later. Most of us work and have to drive and I’m in Broward.

Actually Saturday would be better.

your problem is timing and announcing it.

you need to announce at least 2-3 weeks in advance. it needs to be here and around people that you know will show up. i would try the fiu gameroom.