Miami Beach, FL - 06/13/09 - Battle Lounge Launch Party Results(Vids & Pics are up!)


Singles tournament Top 4:

1st - HyperBlast(Zangief)
2nd - Arsenio(Bison)
3rd - SSJ2Jeff(Boxer)
4th - AsianDemon(Sagat)

Events Results:

Casey VS Angryman Best of 3/5 - Casey Wins 3-2

Team Broward vs Team Orlando Best of 2 sets/3 - Team Orlando Wins 2-0

Main Event:
Casanova vs Gl1itch First to 7 wins: Gl1tch takes it 7-3

1st off I would like to thank everyone that came and show support to this history event!!!

From the guys that brought copies of SFIV and their hardrives to our staff I thank you on behalf of the Battle Lounge staff.

Next: Individual Shoutouts:

-Blitzbeater/Buritio: You came through on helping out. Good shit from advertising to organizing guys, you two are the best. September here we come.

-Ben, Carlos and Cizzle: You three are the best you came through when time was needed. If it wasn’t for you guys there would be no footage and pics. Thank you so much.

-rest of battle lounge staff: I thank you for everything. WE IN THIS SON!

-Flashmetroid: Yo good shit showing some good spirit not picking viper. You actually made the single-elim tournament more interesting. We’ll talk later: :rofl:


-Orlando Crew: Rick, Thank you for hoping on the mic with me and also making us laugh our asses off! You repped and came up 100 bucks! Lelan and Torin: Good shit. You guys are getting better. Keep it up. Trent: Nice to meet you again my dude, we still gotta get our best of FL match going. I think EVO will be that day. Lets show these dudes what were made off son!

-Casanova: Hey man I appreciate you for stopping by and showing support to the community. You definitely put on a show. And your gen is a beast. unfortunately you didn’t beat Andrew but you came through and entertained us by your playing skills. Keep it up. Be easy.

-Team Broward: WTF guys, Jeff you had the OCV. But shit happens. Lilman, you choker lol, Druid. Good shit with Blanka dude! Keep it up guys. You guys did great but unfortunately Orlando did greater.

-Angryman: WOOOOW! you actually passed the trained and learn by yourself stage. You’ve improved. Glad it worked out. You’ve put on a show. Keep it up with Gouken son!

-Casey: Man your Balrog is beast. Drop sagat, you’re better off with boxer son. im planning on dropping Boxer for Akuma. So I’ll pass the torch down to you.

-ANDREW FN GL1TCH: Man you’re too pimp. Thats all I got to say: Good fucking shit!

-Hyperblast and the crew: Good shit at the tournament guys. Keep it up and you’ll be at the TOP of FL. Might work plans with your team at our next Event this fall!

To everyone else:This was an historical event and from the bottom to my heart and on behalf of the Battle Lounge staff I would like to say: THANK YOU!


Thanks to Ben and Carlos and Cizzle for working on these



D’nyce your the man… for setting this. up… your commentary during the fights was epic… both funny and instructional. good shit…

as for setting up something with my Team … please… do it. some type of exhibition or maybe my team vs team Orlando next time… I want at them, and I hope to see you actually play in the next one. we miss that Beast Boxer

Orlando and Tampa… unbelievable, you guys rock coming down here just or a casual get together,

Rick Fn hit me on XBL for some matches whenever you want my tag is MiaManny

ill delete this post wen u copy this dwayne, this is the full vid fixed. ill post my shout outs in a bit, gotta cry a bit first cuz magic lost, o well GG lakers.

this is postponed too much, but angryman a glimpse of the future [media=youtube]o3TrcrxEgB8[/media]
Miami Beach, FL - The Official Battle Lounge Launch Party!!!(06/13/09)


tournament top 4:







(losif3r vids)
Battle Lounge Aftermath 1

Battle Lounge Aftermath 2

battle lounge pics

ben you forgot the very first match of orlando vs miami when you ran out of diskspace [media=youtube]QLMdE…eature=channel[/media]

yeh i fixed tht already. the only one tht is missing is the first time u fought rick, i have it wen he wins in the 2nd one though.

of course :rolleyes:

anyways, the event was fun as hell crazy hype for the exibition matches. i think i really had a chance at OCVing orlando but i droped the ball and underestimated both torren and rick :sad:. o well it makes me a better player; i guess i’ll try to be a bit more humble next time. also i want an allstar team next time.

on another note, i think we opened up Allens eyes to the world of comic books at dennys that night. too bad we ended up staying there till like 5 in the morning :sweat:

wow lots of fun guys, i didnt expect it to be that hype, it was crazy lol

good thing i went,

special shout outs to

andrew - good games bro, thanks for letting me crash at your place, too bad you had to play me though, shiet hard when you face a sagat, but anyways i hope that session trained you mentally for evo, also thanks for your money =]

D’Nyc3 - thanks for hosting the tournament, shit was hype as hell, cant wait till the sept tournament, i was hoping to watch your matches against flash though, since it seems your one of few that can actually beat him, i wanted to learned the flaws, tampa always gonna try to represent somehow

Jeff/Ben - hahahahaha yeah that Dennys was wack, spending hours talking about comic books and broken shit lol hahaha

Orlando - good shit in the team tournament, thanks for winning my money for me lol i knew you guys had that shit in lock, i guess i need to play you guys more, i dont think you guys have a Sagat over there, you guy need some serious sagat training

Peter - FUCK OFF!11x2!! i will win one day! im getting use to reading you slowly, but damn, good luck at devastation next week, win that shit and show WC a true viper, the best cviper is in the south

everyone else nice meeting yall, till next time like always

i’m so mad i could not make this. :frowning:

i <3 AD

GG’s to everyone, it was mad hype and alot of fun seeing all new plp.

dwayne: good shit for setting this shit up, def cnt wait for bash at the beach.

burrito/bltiz/noobie crew: thnx for the drinks/food and an awesome place to host the event.

rick: too funny bro, the ken survey and tht kid tht prtended he didnt hear u lawl. we need a new survey for bash def and interview alot of fuckin plp.

trent/leland/torren: yall came thru good shit, and reall showed orlando aint no “scrub” zone.

casanova: good sport my friend, i thought u was gonna cry when they played tht song, but u took it like a G. u sir need to talk more shit talk and dnt let glitch do it all. good gen, surprised us all.

|AD|: wut do u do at 530am @ dennys, we talk bout superboy prime. mean sagat GG.

flashfuckinmetroid: u ninja vanished on us son, GG like always.

glitch: wuts up.

jeff: yo

jimmy/czizzle: hey

druid: we need to come wit new gimmicks bro, fresh ones for blankizzle.

casey: i liked wen u introduced urself like it was a evo interview, wen we were jst gonna ask u about the poll lol… good sagat/bison.

mark/mike: zp crew came thru.

-for everyone tht i miss GG see yall at the bash. most def i will record all the sick moments n upsets.

BTW for the guy who went to myspace while i was uploading the vids on the computer and canceled it, GG to u aswell…douche.


more pics are being uploaded, photobucket has a limit of 250 per set

Yo good shit to all the Broward and Miami crew. You guys put on one hell of an event!!

Jedi Buritto: Thanks for helping us out and getting the event and all the info we needed to make this happen. You were a Big Help at that place and I saw how hard you were working.

D’Nyc: Great job at hosting and running this shit, I felt you did a good job. I always enjoy hanging out with you Dwayne.

Noobie Games: Those 2 guys that pretty much run the place, thank you for the the venue. I know in the future when I am in Miami or for further events, I can always find a good time at your place.

SSJ2Jeff: You are an awesome player man!! I have a lot of respect for your boxer!!

Ralph Ryujin: Thanks for the ride to Miami man, I had a great time hanging with you. Hopefully you can get some games in with me and my cousin these next 2 weeks. He’s learning so fast… :sad: :sad:

I just want to say a big thanks to everyone for being kind to us. The Hype Was Real!!!

good shit AD! btw fuckk sagat lol

Thank you for hosting, Dwayne. Had a great time and looking forward to the big one in September. I’m going to EVO, see you there if you’re going. The hype was real, but very little hate. We need more hate!

My goal for the day was to show that was a one-time instance. Rick’s video and all the drama surrounding it showed me how important it was to man the fuck up, so I did. In retrospect the song after the match was pretty funny.

Shit-talking’s gonna take a while; it’s not really me. Maybe if I start winning more matches that’ll change. :tup:

I’ll give my share of shout-outs while I’m here.

D’Nyc3: Pretty damn good event you hosted on Saturday, sir. Thanks for bringing the hype and playing up the match even though I don’t talk much trash. I was feeding off the hype just as much as everyone else, trust me. Looking forward to another Battle Lounge.

Rick: For being the man that started all this shit, I’d say you took it pretty easy on me Saturday. Funny shit, though, I will say.

Torrin: If I had a dollar for every combo you dropped in the 3v3 matches, I could’ve at least paid off my whole dinner at Denny’s. But somehow, you pulled it out anyway. Seriously though, good shit repping Orlando. You’re not just “some scrub” anymore; you’re the scrub. :bgrin:

Benski: Dude, you hyped shit up so much. It was awesome. Good shit.

FlashMetroid: Teach me how to not drop Viper combos! And if you don’t have 100% execution when I watch you play next, I’m giving you hell for it. Just so you know. Good luck at Devastation, chief.

Gl1tch: If my opinion has any weight on anything and you’re serious about maining Honda, I would say go for it. Your Honda’s already pretty damn good; it could be amazing with a little refining. Good matches, man. Maybe next time I’ll have a better chance at whooping your ass instead of choking in the last set of matches. :cool:

its already at 100% next time you see me your gonna see FFF, ex seismo, SJFADC, ultra more often

I’ll remember that for next time.