Mi Ranbats Season 3 - Garden City/East Lansing, MI - Biweekly

We’re now in the home stretch of Michigan Ranking Battles Season 3; only two more tournament to go! Now is the time for everyone to step up their game and reach for the top 6!!!

The final tournament for season 3 will be held in East Lansing on March 27th. This is your last chance to improve your rank, so don’t miss it!
Then…Michigan Masters 2

I talked to the Power Up TO’s and they said it would be good if I put together our 5v5 team for that tournament. The top 5 players in the Michgan Masters Exhibition will make up the team. If we have character duplicates in the top 5 we’ll figure it out at that time.

Welcome to MI Ranbat Season 3!

Alucard dominated season 1. Wolfkrone proved his dominance season 2. Who will be the new champion???

Current Michigan Masters 2 Main Event pot bonus

Current Rankings
Street Fighter 4
1st. Alucard (30)
2nd. Wolfkrone (21)
3rd. Thundercatz (14)
4th. AaronS (12)
5th. Perfect Legend (11)
6th. STD (8)
9th. Checkmate (5), Grego (5), Pachi (5)
11th. Octopus on Fire (4), Kitty (4)
16th. Dray (2), Rusty (2), Q (2), Pachi (2), Holdy (2)
19th. New Money (1), Papa Rhino (1), Dek (1)

The tournaments will be alternating between East Lansing and Garden City.

Garden City - www.thegameyard.com

The Game Yard has a parking lot right outside.

East Lansing - http://www.fragcenter.com/

There is a parking structure a few blocks to the west. It’s the building with the big orange tube shit on it.

March 14th - Garden City
March 27th - East Lansing

Tekken 6 - 2:00 PM
TVC side tournament - 2:00 PM
Street Fighter 4 Singles - 3:30 PM
Street Fighter 4 Teams - 5:30 PM

Rules and Money:
Each game costs $5 to enter at each tournament. The $5 goes straight into the prize pool for that game. There is also a $3 venue fee at each tournament, that goes to the venue. On top of that, there is an additional $2 that goes into the prize pool for the next Michigan Masters Exhibition Tournament. You can get $5 waived if you bring a console/hard drive/ help run the tournament/ you are Wolfkrone, Kenta or Haiguy (last season’s winners). Make sure to PM me about any of this. Don’t just assume you can get it waived.

That means entering one tournament costs $10, two tournaments costs $15, and all 3 will run you $20.

SF4 Singles will be seeded according to ranking. The other tournaments will be seeded randomly.

Teams will either be 2v2 or 3v3 depending on the turnout. Winner stays to play the other team’s next player.

If 5 or less people enter a tournament, it will be round robin. If 6 or more enter it will be double elimination.

The prizes are split 70/20/10 if 7 or more players are in the tournament. If 6 or less are in the tournament, 2nd place gets their $5 back and first place gets the rest.

We’re trying PS3s at the next tournament, but usually the games will all be played on Xbox 360. We’ll see how the ps3s work out before deciding on future events. Make sure to check back for updates. Please bring controllers if you have them, but if you don’t someone will lend you one for your matches.

SF4 will be 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games. If you win a game you have to keep your character for the next one, but the loser may counter pick. Tekken 6 is 3/5 rounds, 2/3 games.

No pausing and no button macros (3p and 3k style configs are allowed). No turbo (thanks Rhino).

Ranking Points
Street Fighter is the only ranked game this season. The turnout for other games has been too inconsistent to bother. If you would like to run rankings for a game yourself, let me know and I will be happy to accept your help.

Points are awarded according to your placing in the singles tournament.
1st - 8 points
2nd - 5 points
3rd - 4 points
4th - 3 points
5th - 2 points
7th - 1 point

The rankings will be updated every tournament. The top 6 players at the end of the season will be automatically invited to the Exhibition Tournament at Michigan Masters 2 (date yet to be determined.) The winner of the Exhibition Tournament will receive a large cash prize (several hundred dollars) plus $5 off at every tournament in season 4.

I think that’s about it. I’ll be updating this thread regularly with new tournament info, and the rankings. Tell all your friends!

Finals of the first tournament: [media=youtube]CipDH4IrHI0&feature=player_embedded[/media]

Finals from 3.3 - [media=youtube]lnl4nUtOWXI[/media]

Hopefully this is allowed, so if you want me to delete the post lemme know, Aaron.

But I got a couple of items that I’m trying to sell, and wanted to see if there was anybody locally who was interested. SFAC stick and a QCF case I’m not using. Check my thread here for more info.

BTW, GET HYPE for Season 3.

Please switch sf4 teams and singles times… sunday at 5 is cutting it close especially if detroit peeps have to drive to lansing.

Also, I do have to say, the dates are a little…awkard, IMO. Monday and Tuesday in February? I guess if I needed to I could make the dates, but having it in East Lansing is a bad idea IMO, because there’s quite a few people who live downriver here or in detroi. And that’s anywhere from 2-3 hour drive round-trip, and I’m sure some of us who are students or working would find it very conflicting with our schedules.

Personally I would say keep the dates themselves, but keep it hosted at the Gameyard.

Not trying to step on toes, just making a suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue:

I must have miscounted the days lol. The East Lansing ones are supposed to be Saturdays. I’ll switch teams and singles if you like anyways.

Jan 10th will be my MI debut GET HYPE YEAHHHAHAHAHA!

i am so looking forward to this :smiley:

…i am not looking forward or getting hype over my 5 hour round trip however D:

It’s a 3 hour round trip to gameyard for me, suck it up :3

So, turbo’s allowed Aaron? Might wanna edit that.

Damn, thanks a lot of driving :smiley: You closer to East Lansing?

Fixed. Every time I come to Gameyard I have to get up at 7 the next day so I can get back to East Lansing in time for class >.<

lol, Mt. Pleasant is about the same distance both ways…a long ass drive though :sweat:

Haha, the price of education, I’ll stick was schooling myself for the time being until college, more me time :rofl:

I’ll show up and get my ass kick’d in SFIV. Should be fun either way.

But are you/we/whoever gonna be adding any BlazBlue to the Ranbat? I’m sure there are people who still wanna play and there are some players at Dustloop that are starting to come outta the woodworks. Lots of them popping up outta withing driving distance of the Gameyard.

Thanks for posting a link to this on the TZ thread, Aaron. I’m not sure if I will be making the East Lansing ranbats, but I’ll most likely be making the GY ones. With that said, I can certainly help out with the running of the tournaments if I can make them.

Main problem is, a lot of us obscurities need rides out there.
I’ll strive to get a car, but that’s not gonna be until after this season at the latest.

My point was that the dates were during the week. If it’s on the weekend I have no problem, but during the week would have been pretty much impossible for me and my whole crew, lol.

Aw… no Super Turbo… =(

How 'bout this? If you want to play a game that is not in the OP, just run a side tournament :smiley: I’ll update the first post with any side tourneys happening at the next ranbat, and for the record, I’ll enter a BB one if someone wants to do it.

Also, thanks Hai, I really appreciate that.

HDR. RIGHT NOW. :smiley:

BTW, any love for Virtua Fighter 5 in the area? I don’t play much any more, but I’d definitely pick it up again if there was interest.

And also, see if somebody can bring a setup or two extra for the side tournaments. We only have what, 4 or 5 setups for SF4 once it starts? Best to keep that running smoothly. And lastly, see if anybody wants to help you run it, Aaron. You said yourself that you could use some extra help to keep it going smoothly. :slight_smile:

Ohio loves that Virtua Fighter.

Looks like I’m moving to Ohio, lol.

I can handle the normal Ranbats decently, and Hai said he’d help with Tekken. I mainly wanted a few extra people for the next MM cause that shit had me sprinting around the room all day. I literally woke up, did the tournament for 12 hours (no eating btw) and then went to bed, and it still ran slow >.<