[ MGL ] Milpitas Golfland (thread closed, FGC events discontinued)

<img alt="" src=“http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b215/CPS_IV/VERSUS2014new_zps9d921d88.png” title=“Image: http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b215/CPS_IV/VERSUS2014new_zps9d921d88.png”><br><img alt="" src=“http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b215/CPS_IV/MGLpic_zpscffb62bb.jpg” title=“Image: http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b215/CPS_IV/MGLpic_zpscffb62bb.jpg”><br><br>
Tuesday night is FGC night at Milpitas Golfland. $5 venue fee is required if you wish to play. Spectating is free. <br>
Casuals all night till midnight, free to enter or prize pot tournaments can be setup if enough interest. <br>
If we pack the house and have a tournament I can stay open until 11pm. <br>
[ GAMES ]<br>

  • Ultra Street Fighter IV<br>
  • Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3<br>
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2<br>
  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U<br>
  • Guilty Gear Xrd - Sign - (coming son)<br>
  • and whatever anyone else wants to bring!<br>
    [ PRICES ]<br>
  • $5 venue (required for console play, tournament or casual)<br>
  • Free Parking<br>
  • Free or cash pot tournaments if enough interest<br>
  • Spectating is FREE<br>
    [ TIME ]<br>
  • Casuals & Signups begin 6:00 - 7:00pm<br>
  • Tournament Matches begin 7:00pm (if enough entrants)<br>
    [ PRIZES ]<br>
  • If $1 cash pot entry, winner takes all.<br>
  • If $5 cash pot entry, 60% / 25% / 15% split<br>
  • 1st Place wins a Free Arcade Mania Wristband for the next event. (Only applies during free tournaments)<br>
    [ LIVE STREAM ]<br>
    [ EQUIPMENT USED ]<br>
  • Playstation 3<br>* Playstation 4<br>* Nintendo Wii U<br>
  • Asus VH236H monitors<br>* Xbox360 consoles (if players bring any)<br>
  • Capsule Entertainment FB Group:<br>

I am happy to announce that I was recently hired at MGL for the position of Special Events Coordinator. To keep our community up to date with any upcoming tournaments or events, this thread will undergo some major changes in the near future and will be updated frequently with important information.

That being said we at MGL are proud to announce the first of many changes. Most of you already know TNT South kicked things into gear 2 weeks ago for our first Thursday night event. Starting February 1st, we will be holding bi-weekly KOF13 & Soul Calibur 5 tournaments during Arcade Mania Wednesday nights in between weeks of TNT South. As more titles get released they will be added to the official games lineup including Street Fighter X Tekken, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Dead or Alive 5 & Tekken X Street Fighter.

If you have any questions, please use this thread or our official facebook group page: http://www.facebook.com/MilpitasGolfland?ref=ts

**INFO UPDATED (**This thread is still under construction 1 /30 /2012)

“TNT South” this Thursday Feb 2nd. AE:2012 & UMVC3 tournaments w/ KOF13 & SC5 casuals.

1st “Restless Wednesday” next week February 8th. KOF13 & SC5 tournaments w/ AE:2012 & UMVC3 casuals.

Just double checking, will the setups have the kof13 DLC?


Nice, I’ll probably come out then. Will definitely be there for AE this week.

oh snap this is today.

thats right

[LEFT]Restless Wednesday 2/8/2012 Results[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Soul Calibur V[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1) Brian Thompson (Hates)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2) Zack Jones (Soakrates)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3) Meys Cobos (Meystache)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4) Cynan de Leon[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5) Clark (Manabe)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5) Paul Souza (Bagu)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7) David Nguyen (Sleazoid)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7) Pedro Morales[/LEFT]

We now have the arcade version of SSFIV:AE 2012!

What are the results for Feb. 16th? I must see my progress for my first UMvC3 tourney! :3

Please check the TNT thread for any results and ranking.

[LEFT]Restless Wednesday 2/22/2012 Results[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Soul Calibur V[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1) Manta[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2) Hates[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3) Srayer[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4) Shafi[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5) Bryant[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5) Ron[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7) Aaron[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7) Brian[/LEFT]
9) Cynan
9) JD

The following maintenance issues have been addressed:

**[TEKKEN 6] **
An issue where “Player 1, Left Punch” would not input.
**[STATUS] **
Fixed, micro switch replaced.

**[SFIII 3rd Strike US] **
An issue where “Player 1, Stick” would not input down.
**[STATUS] **
Fixed, lose wire was reconnected.

**[SFIII 3rd Strike JP] **
An issue where “Player 1, Fierce” would not input.
**[STATUS] **
Fixed, lose wire was reconnected.

**[SFIII 3rd Strike JP] **
An issue where “Player 2, Stick” would not hit directions occasionally.
**[STATUS] **
Fixed, replaced stick switch PCB.

1st Post Monthly Event Schedule Updated 2/24/2012

Sorry guys, we have decided to remove Soul Calibur V & KOFXIII from our Wednesday night Arcade Mania tournaments do to lack of interest. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean MGL won’t consider SCV & KOFXIII for any future semi-major events.

So since there is no Soul Calibur V & KOFXIII on Wednesdays and there is no more Marvel on Thursdays at MGL…

How about we get some Marvel crackin on Wednesdays instead?

The people that play Marvel, mostly only play that game while the SF4 people also play SFXT, so I’m pretty sure you would get a good turn out for Marvel

Next week I will setup all stations for casual SSFIV:AE, SFxT & UMVC3. If we get 16+ people to enter any game I will run a tournament for that games. Deal? Spread the word.

Sounds good!

What time should I tell people to come?

Oh shit, I feel like such an idiot… I just remembered that I got night class every Wednesday :frowning:

I’ll still spread the word though

I need to start trying to come out again. What’s the deal with Wednesday nights? Arcade mania with console setups or what?