[MGL] Milpitas Golfland Discussion & Matchmaking

Sup fellas
I think this is gonna be the first time that i’ll be able to make it to one of the monday team night things (probly around 9). I just hope it won’t end up being like the one time nobody decides to go. I seriously wanna learn how to play those other games that i’ve been talkin about and i don’t think it’d be much good for me to just play against the computer. :sweat:
O yeah, and Joe, you think i’d be able to check out that design?? Any chance it’s on a cd or anything? I’d like to put in my 2 cents before it’s made.
Hope everybody makes it tonight :cool:

hey Will try to make it earlier if you can…because its also our pizza night $4.99 for large at little ceasars so we always usually do that but if not we probably will be at gl …latz

I can tell you must love pizza a lot. :smiley:

light on the budget…more money for tokens…haha …

craziness!! new mgl thread!! ay huy what time do u guys meet up to eat pizza… i can prolly be there by 630… dont start eating without me :smiley: … Imma start practicing WAR then its over for u fooz!!

i’ll be there around 630 too after i get off work …war!!! its on!!!

LOL:D YAY! MORE WAR PLAYERS!I’ll get into that action. I’m not good at that game at all but IT’S HELLA FUN. Ya Dee we’ll wait for you since we normaly play games first for like an hour or two, but ya we’ll get pizza at like 7 or 8.

I ordered new joysticks for my cabinet and hopfully I’ll get them soon. As soon as I install them I’ll be throwing tournaments. In addition to the new sticks I’m going to replace all of the buttons with Competition buttons(outdented buttons) for better comfort
and mashing. I’ll be getting Puzzle Fighter and Vampire Savior as well(I can’t wait to get into some Darkstalker action) and maybe I’ll get Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure.

Games that I will be throwing tournies for include:

                     SFIII 3S
                     Puzzle F(when I get game)

More Info on tournies in the future.Well Im out PPL…see you guys tonight for some games and pizza.“PRACTICE MAKES PERFECTS” L8er yall.


yo, is MGL going to get a GGXX machine?? it would be more of a reason for me to drive all the way down there.

I’ll try and see what I can do…along with getting another WAR cabinet also.


Hey what’s up guys

I’ll be there at around 5:30 tonight. We might go eat and play games or somthing, but we’ll see what happens. Anyone going to SJSU tommorrow? What’s the head count and who’s down to drive. I’ll be going to MGL tommorrow around 11:00/11:30 for tokens and I guess we’ll juss meet up around that time. Aight guys Imma head out now see ya tonight.


IM going

Well im going 2 sjsu. I dunno about everyone else. I just got something to prove to myself. Neways Hope 2 call the good players there n hopes everyone has a good time.

Apex points?!

Hey apex has been up for awhile now, how come our tourney results were never put up? The one that we had last year never got put up either…:bluu:
Who’s in charge of putting in the results?

HEY ! ! !..I’m supposed to have more Apex points from the last SJSU tourny…I’m have more than 600. I got jacked!:mad: …WAK!


cps4…throw in some vampire saviour tournies…that game is the shit!!

I might be getting the import Vampire Savior “2”. It was never released here in the states. This sequel to Vampire Savior, known as Dark Stalkers: Jedah’s Damnation in the US, adds Donovan, Phobos and Pyron to the roster. It was only released in Japan along with Vampire Hunter 2. Both titles are minor upgrades to their predecessors. I should be getting it along with Super Puzzle Fighter, and if there are enough contenders I will indeed throw a Vampire Savior 2 tourny.


yeah, that’d be hella nice…

It’s good to know there are others besides me that are interested in Darkstalkers.


I’ve been playing that series once nightwarriors came out on import for the saturn…but yeah, its good to know others like it too…

Fighting game Tournament soon!

Good news guys!..I just heard that MGL will be holding a fighting game tourny. There’s a problem though, MGL managment will only allow it to be a one game tourny(Manager is WAAAAAAAACKNESS!) so what game would you like to see held in this “ONE GAME TOURNAMENT”


Fighting game Tournament soon!

i want 3s but people won’t show up… do a CVS2 one …Mgl manger BooOooOOOo! how difficult is it for there to be two tournies? oh well. how about a gem fighters one!!! either way same about of people will show up. but then again if a lot of people show up for this one maybe they will let us have two fighting game tournies at the same time.:smiley: What day Joe?