Metrock's random In House Marvel Tourny 06/21/07

1st Abe
2nd Fag, Metrosexual, I mean Metrock
3rd Mr Pasadena
4th T-lo
5th Frank
5th Clock jr
7th Youtube
7th Mike

good games to everyone. i want to extend my official congrats to Abe for getting first. completely OFF topic, but does anyone remember in Rocky 5, where Tommy Gunss fought Union Cane for the Title, and Union Cane threw the fight, basically letting Tommy Gunns win? its a good sub plot to the movie, u shoud watch it. ANYWAY, back to topic… i had some good games, that game 3 against cl0ck jr was intense, good shit!
Mr Pasa Robles, i think i got u this time dawg!!! valiant effort:china:

we’ll have to do it a couple more time at least before WEST.

good games

Just call me metrosexual from now on dawg!

good shit jason and pasdenaaaaaaaa!!!

who’s abe?


We didnt record this time but Im trying to get some up from our last one.

having youtube there but not recording :wtf:

Just get a VCR and tape that shit.

I agree with that youtube was there.

MR. P what happen Dawg i heard you got taken out by JJ JR tell me JJ JR said all of it and com’n dawg.

Fucking Tony LOL, thanks for the story. Good games before we headed to Denny’s. I need to work on getting in on BH.

I did, but if you saw the matches, you would’ve known why.

yo, on some real shit, how far is stockton from bako? i’ma for real try to head out there. =] gotta get some games with y’all. and besides… i’m still hold the title for bakersfield champ. =P j/k but for reallys, i wanna skirt over there soon.

I have to admit I was slow on this part at 1st :xeye:.

I think its like 5 hours since last time I went up there. I think back then you were like 4’12". WAAAYYYYYY back in the day.

i was just a young korngo… at age 13. lol

for real tho’ jason, say when i get a job and randomly like take a bus and stay there for a couple day. could you house me and pick me up from the bus stop? lol

Fo Sho

and get raped? I don’t think so.

verry true. verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry true. =x

I thot that was very passionate what we had,:wow: and now your turing it around. OMG Im so sad now…

Good Games to everyone. Comp was intense and thankfully I learned a thing or two. Hopefully we can do it again soon. -Abe

PS: Went to FFA today and Finesse’s Santhrax is hard to say the least lol