Metro City Street Fights [Episode 1]

Attention PSN players. You are all now officially marked men and women. To keep organized I suggest you each line up
single file and present your Milk Money, your Lunch Money, your after school Money, comic money, video game money
and anything else you got in them pockets. Why? Cus my man Dojo_Grandnight and the homie Guy finn’a take all them
bills and leave yo ass broke.A series born from hell itself, Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, DopeDojo brings to you
its new curb stomping, money snatching, beat down giving series. Metro City Street Fights!

*PSN Players better run, yall don’t want none of this

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"Metro City Fights"
sees Fei Long on thumbnail

It’s all lies!

My boy Blake Sanden best Guile in the world would destroy you.

@Eternal you crazy as hell :wink: but yeah we didn’t get around to the custom thumbnail bit yet.

@jebop Blake Sanden as best Guile? Not so much. He’s an interesting Guile we will admit. Unorthodox and definitely lures you into playing his game. We’d put Atron9000 above him though :smiley:

Well folks you asked for it and we listened! What? Who asked for it? Don’t worry about all that son.

Point is we listened and are returning to you live with another episode of Metro City Street Fights, starring DopeDojo’s own, Grandknight. Guy is runnin them Metro City Streets jackin everybody for their Chocolate Milk money. You know the drill, hands up, pockets out.

Check them end credits tho.

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No problem.