METRO 02/07/2004 CvS2 Results

It’s Nagata Lock II at Noodleman’s house in case you’re wondering why results are being posted by Noodleman. Super Turbo and 3rd Strike results are forthcoming by the people that actually have the brackets.


1st - Ratio1beatdown
2nd - Arcade Legend
3rd - C Royd
4th - JS Master
5th - Omni Dragon
5th - Gerjay 2001
7th - Nagata Lock II
7th - EX Matt
9th - Shadowfighta
9th - Ultimate Rugal
9th - XXL
9th - Jiggabry
13th - Kymah
13th - Dogberry
13th - DeadleyRaveNeo
13th - Dublo7
17th - Gatsby
17th - Noodleman
17th - Rock2K1
17th - X Sapphire

Uh… I don’t have the brackets and I know I’m missing a couple of people so if anyone wants to fill in the last couple of places I’d appreciate it.

EDIT: Thanks for the update Alex. It’s nice to be able to say that crowds that size are typical of METRO CvS2 Tournaments now a days.

Also; to those of us confused about how the money should have been given out, it was right on the money. I had the “23” number thinking that Luu and his two friends were going to show up. However they never came and so the actual number was “20” and thus $100 was available. As such, Roger owes Ian $5 the next time he sees him (as he was slightly overpaid) and everyone is even.

here’s the ST results.

1st Bill GOuld (Honda)
2nd Dave Spence (Sim)
3rd Roger Williams (Ryu, Guile, Old Sagat, Sim)
4th Jason “Noodleman” (Ryu)
5th me (Bison, RYu)
5th Jason “Gerjay” (Sim, Honda)
7th Justin “CURT” (Guile, Vega)
7th Chris (Ryu)
9th Kin (Fei)
9th Jon (Ryu)
9th Jamie (?)

Bleh, worst ST tournament for me ever. Had really good games after the tourney with Bill, Dave, Jason and other random players. Should have used Old Guile for the tourny dammit.:mad: At least I didn’t play horribly the entire time.

Still a fun tourney though.

I got last and sapphire did too. (I am alex)
I wish crowds like that showed up for ggxx tourneys :frowning:

i wish i knew how to play GGXX:(

'grats roger

what teams were used in cvs2?


Fucking stupid fucking cheap fucking ones fucking.

If I remember, 3s went like this. Correct me if i’m wrong

1st Marvin (C-Royd) [sean SA1, chunSA2, kenSA3, yangSA2, ryuSA3]
2nd Adam (Adam B) Bulbulia [Ken SA3, Ryu SA3, Chun SA2, Yang SA2]
3rd Will (Will) Willis [Ken SA3, Makoto SA1]
4th Anthony (Aneurysm X) Chang [Makoto SA1, Dudley SA3, Urien SA3?)
5th Darin (Angryblack) Nigger [Ken SA3]
5th Tony Dao [Ken SA3]
7th Chris [Akuma SA1]
7th Burton Kwok (Ken SA3, Necro SA1)

uhh…dont knwo the rest

Um… if you actually care, I used Eagle or Chun/Sak/Blanka.

This was a pretty good tourney… and I think I at least did better against marvin this time around. Although it’s taking me too long to learn how to play against a good p-groove player. Hopefully by the next tourney I might go even with him.

bullshit sticks i say

but i got owned anyway :frowning:

ST stuff

Uggg thats my description of the sticks that we ahd to endure using in ST? WE had to get them fixed 3x? and still they were horrible … and were broke for the tourney! unluckily though i played on the broken side for the finals vs Spence, and was able to pull it out! 4-2…but i thijnk that the results could have been different if the sticks were better. Essentially though the right side would totally jam and get rock hard at the neutral psoition! then would losen up again! go figure! anyway it was nice to see Toronto for the first time and am looking forward to coming back again! will post more later when i get home… its been a very interesting trip!

 Bill G.

do you remember when i did tech throw and you hit me low andi parried it and fierced you and bla bla and then you let out a high pitched “…nOooOooooOOOoooo”

that made my day

:lol: :lol: :lol:
That was jokes

Man I should just play Sagat vs GerJay :mad:
Fuck that psychic Eagle =\

I got rocked in 3s, I couldnt use the sticks for crap but its not excuse cause others could. Oh well =\


I used A - Vega/Sak/Hibiki/Chun, K- Ryo/Blanka/Sagat

i suck, not quitting ne more, sumone come practise wit me.

k, thx, bai.

ps. GG to all, except for those who uses p-groove. :wink:

I used (C Ryu, Ken, Sagat R2), (C Guile, Blanka, SAGAT R2). (A Honda, Blanka, Bison), (K CBS).

they should really remove the bumpy feel of the sticks :frowning: it was annoying enough for me. i couldn’t get my ex-mantis slashes out properly :frowning:

OMG, I was sooo disappointed. Every time I ate parry -> counter hit it made me want to yell out a high pitched “…nOooOooooOOOoooo”. . .

giving up on eagle? i get kinda tired of getting rolled by sagat and no good answer to well placed short jumps (excluding RC lariat, which is tough to do that quickly and consistently). now N-iori, he’s the shit:cool:

i told you to retire

thoughts on Toronto

Great city! Still too cold for me! So many hot chicks so little time! As for the comp. Not as many as i thought that there would be! Still i had some challenging matches and still learned some things. I’m still a little peeved about the sticks being broken for the tourney! :mad: I wish i could play something other than ST though! To much BS in all these new games! to much to look at and not enough time to practice and No patience to learn something new! As for my matches in ST… Spence and i again had a nice round of games i won 3-2 in our first match with me on the good stick for 3 games then on bad stick for last 2. Then i beat him again in the finals 4-2 all on the bad sticks! uggg! I played gerjay: honda vs honda… yuck! Chris Li’s favorite match! :lame: I played Roger! He almost beat me until he went to OG sagat! then it was Spence 2x. things may have been different if the sticks were better! I pulled a Jason Wilson who somehow can play on a game w/o any buttons or sticks working!? :evil:
Highlight of the week! our car getting towed sunday!!! and me running through the neighborhoods for 40 minutes trying to find it! :bluu:
Ok im out! it was nice seeing all you guys again! Talk to you all soon!

  Bill G.


Will this past tourney go to our apex points or not? Also That Bubble tea stuff is incredible! i think i coudl drink only that, for the rest of my life! :stuck_out_tongue: