Metal Gear Online 3.0 - Calling all OG's

It’s been ages… 6, 7? Maybe 8 years ago since I played Metal Gear Online 2.0 with you SRK guys. Well, the new Metal Gear Online is coming out and it’s time to rise from the crypt.

For reference, my character’s name was DeisExInferni and I was in the SRK clan for a couple months but then joined up with Recon Unit C cause Shyde, the leader of Recon Unit, was a SRK forum member. I played the weekend SURVIVAL modes every damn weekend under the Recon Unit C team and I faintly remember we were in the top 6 highest ranked clans in all of MGO.

Roll call! These are the dudes I remember playing with, sorry if I forgot some of you!

@J-Nav, @SNAAAAKE, @Yeah Dood 120%, @erikstanton (kvit)

Represent and get hype!

Hey Canto!
Looking forward to playing MGO with everyone again!
A couple of the guys play on PC now, & some of them are on PS3.

Check out Metal Gear SOLID Thread: Snake? SNAAAAKE!!!. I think the majority of us post there now.
We’ll have to get together next week when MGO is out!
PSN=J-Nav212 (PS4)