Meta Knight is Banned

Meta Knight is now banned in the Unity Ruleset. Check here for the announcement.

I never really believed in a rule set for the entirety of the Brawl community. Regardless of MK’s legality.

I do believe that It would be nice to have the same rule set everywhere Brawl is played but Smash (in general) has a million variants for everything in the game so it can never happen. Regional communities should decide several matters (stages, character legality, tiebreakers etc etc) on their own.

BBR’s vision of an utopian rule set is a farce.

You have to kinda feel bad for the MK mains. All that practice with him went to waste. Now either they find someone new or quit. I wonder how the Brawl community is going to be now? Guess you really do need all the stuff that was banned to make the game balanced (Who knows?).

MK mains had a lot of warning about the MK ban coming.

I just hope the community doesn’t resort to immature behavior instead of just accepting the fact that 75% of the community wanted him gone. Even just looking at the top 100 players, it is a 3-1 ratio to ban MK.

It sounds so surreal, the “Unity Ruleset Committee” coming to an agreement about a character ban. Hope it works out for you.

Oh goodie, but too bad everyone’s gonna be watching those MK-free matches in 120p and at 3 FPS if they don’t do what’s told in this video.

Here is some insight on the URC:

Took us long enough. Hopefully banning metaknight will be for the better of the community. I certainly would like to see it grow and prosper.

I was part of competitive Melee since just before the announcement of Brawl, never really made a splash, kids were too experienced by then to make any huge strides, but I was there when Brawl came out, and the threat of MK being banned had been on the table EARLY. His specials are incredibly difficult to punish, his recovery is second to none, his speed is overcompensated by instant attacks with absurd knockback and range (which in Smash, as I’m sure most of you here know, is everything.)

If you only have skill with one character in a fighting game, and that character ‘just so happens’ to be the undisputed best fighter, then you’re a gold-digging slut.
And if you’re upset when you’re imbalanced character gets banned then you should wipe the tears off your cheeks and brown off your nose before people start to laugh… you know, unless you like that kind of attention, slut.

I think this whole thing is ridiculous really. Brawl has been out for nearly 4 years. The meta game topped out at about a year after its release people have known meta knight was OP for years now. Now there is a decision to ban him at the end of this games cycle with its low tournament popularity. Not only this but the decision was an overwhelming 14-0 so logically most of these people already decided they didn’t like him long ago. From a community that bans everything this decision was way to late.

Now all I need is for them to figure out that items take skill to use. See you in 15 years…

Agreed kataridragon, Melee was so good, and in my mind both it and the N64 Smash were great games to play competitively.
Brawl was such a downshift in momentum from the last two games.

It doesn’t help that the creator feels that his creation shouldn’t be a competitive experience. Nintendo’s PR must be slipping something in his drinks to make him think that after all these years it’s families with small children and retirement homes that are still purchasing Gamecubes and Melee.

I think smash is competitive to a degree. The game is cool but the characters move sets aren’t very balanced and its easy to see that. Personally the balance i see is in items (which in the smash community is the exact opposite). With items in play character choice becomes less important and becomes more of a matter of taste rather than tiers. Items literally balance the game in themselves because each individual character has the ability to use them better for or for worse. The smash community in general says its unfair to use items because its to random. Truth be told its not, there are precautions you as a player can take in order to ensure your lives. In summation i feel that smash with items removed on neutral stages really strips the core concept of the game and its actual potency to be a “competitive” game. Its no street fighter but it does have its meta games about it.

With items, though, it becomes a game of who can get there first. Then the tiers are arguably rearranged from fastest character to slowest.

Arguably yes but more balanced over all. Imo. I am a sonic main though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been following this since it started because I like getting insight into the dynamics of other groups and scenes. After reading multiple 200+ page threads
on Smashboards, I have to say this is some of the wildest stuff I have ever seen. I’m not even talking about the ban. But private forums
where people decide rules, “committee members”, “a senate”, talk of “legislative” and “executive” decisions, conspiracy theories about splinter
groups forming to advance their own agenda…I mean…wow. There was even a poster in one thread name dropping the
Illuminati and shit. So I have a few questions:

  1. Has any other decision about your game rules caused as big a ruckus as this one?
  2. How many URC members voted to kill JFK, and which one of you bastards did it?
  3. And lastly, for AlphaZealot, are you more disturbed that Mike Haze went public with his
    concerns, or that virtually no one in that video could properly pronounce the word “zealot?”

Whatever happens, I hope you guys can still enjoy Smash.

Smash players would say it was the Illuminati. They only have themselves to blame.

There was one decision that had a bigger ruckus, the decision to not ban MK after the 4th ban MK poll, it was so bad that that talking about banning MK was against the rules (got threads locked and infractions) and this lead to about many many MANY attempts to make rules to nerf MK

Personal attacks on players is not a smash only thing though, it happens kinda everywhere… i even see it in Politics :\

MK being banned? Stupid rule is stupid. I use MK from time to time, but c’mon.

Not sure if the beginning of the first match means much to you, but I wasn’t sure if you had seen what a top level mk can do. =D

Items being banned wouldn’t help “balance out” the game. Characters like Meta Knight, Wario, and Diddy, the dominant characters, also have some of the fastest pick-up animations and general mobility. Oh wow, Snake would fall in tiers, Fox would rise, and there would be a general randomization of results so it would seem that everybody is more balanced. When you start to lose, there’s also far greater incentive and reward to stalling out and camping.

Some stages need to be unbanned because the brawl community went too far in rulesets that don’t even include rainbow cruise (MK is banned now ok) but any stage that gets too large becomes EXTREMELY unfun to play on between two competitors who know what they are doing and want to win.