Messed up soldering

On a wired non common early 360 pcb the up d pad part the copper came off and I tried a few spots and holes but nothing works is there a place on the back of the pcb like in the diagram of the late models I can use because this spot is pretty finished :crybaby:

Can you not scratch just above the spot to reveal its trace, then solder to that? Remember to pre-tin wires, its pretty hard to apply solder to such small spots on the PCB due to there being lack of copper.

well i used a small wire then it was too small so i removed the solder and the whole small copper part came off so now its just white plastic where the copper point should of been, so i tried to do it in the small hole next to it and even on the tiny line, but both didnt work

I soldered a tiny trace last night and felt like a badass when it actually worked. Look for the line that leads up to the point where the copper pad was. You’ll want to scrape that using either an Exacto knife or a small flat head screwdriver. I used the later which had an even finer point than my blade. Then tin the wire, solder it down and hope it sticks. If it takes then hot glue both the point and the wire to keep it from lifting. Fun stuff…

wierd how theres no back diagram like the later model wired ones to show points there

umm lets say the point i need is the yellow d-pad up, so on the back i can solder to any yellow point?

He seems to use yellow for both the analog and dpad ups. Only solder to the ones corresponding to the Dpad up. On the picture of the bottom these happen to be on the right side. They are marked with U,D,L,R etc in the picture. If you solder to a trace (the line connecting two vias or the circle like points) you have to scrape down to the copper before soldering.

im going to try it right now

i soldered the two spots on the back for the lb but it doesnt seem to work now nor does pressing the lb little white button work at all also, maybe the common is touching something?