Merry Thanksgiving Scumbags

Appreciate your ancestors killing off all my peoples in shit. Not that it wasn’t worth it since I rather eat turkey than buffalo.

You should go watch the new South Park about Thanksgiving



SRK needs some john madden turducken action in this bitch.

Damn straight… Oh Wait I’m black…

Fuck Buffalo, Imma be eating Buffalo Wings and Ribs…

Not that Buffalos have wings, but the point still remains…

You gotta hand it to them though, smallpox ridden blankets was a genius move. If someone tried to get rid of me using a nympho redhead with aids, I would give them props for finding a genius way to kill me.

Technically, they weren’t Americans, or even precursor Americans, but the uptight batshit crazies that even Anglican England couldn’t stand.

Your people ought to have let them starve to death, imo.

Blame that one princess of yours getting marshmellow fever.

now i get to carry on ye olde tradition of visit 2 sets of families while wishing i were home playing video games or watching football

thanks pilgrims

The only concession I have to make this year (current gf is not from here) is going out for lunch with my pops and bro.

Is it not fitting that they wish to dine today at The “Cracker” Barrel?

Silly Americans, we superior Canadians (aka the Canadandino’s) already had Thanksgiving.

Sorry but until Canadian Thanksgiving has Black Friday sales, there ain’t nothing superior about it.
On that note: Fuck Boxing day.

I hate Thanksgiving food, which is why I’m making spinach artichoke dip served with hint o’ lime tostitos, and to hell with everyone if they don’t like it.

dude, i plan on od’ing on my moms’ thanksgiving extravaganza feast. i had been super strict on eating for about a week so that i can gorge on all the magnificent stuffing, professional mac n cheese (no instant bs), green been casserole, and a bunch of shit i’m forgetting since i just woke up. bottom line is today i have to hit the gym early otherwise i’m going to be gone to itis zone.

i should probably bring pac man over too, just to make sure my dad can will utterly destroy me in all games old school. fuck bringing over pitfall tho, he’d beast me something fierce in that.

Did they release the Gamecube up there yet?

oooooooooooh burn!

I’m legitimately interested in what people are eating for Thanksgiving today.

I’d appreciate it if you guys posted in this thread later tonight detailing what you’ve consumed.

Time to get ready for another Filipino thanksgiving, with balut on the “real filipino” side of the table, and rice, mashed potatoes and turkey on the “white side”. lol

And yet you play Mexican…

you should ask for food on thanksgiving :smiley:

This Thanksgiving I am thankful that Thanksgiving shuts the postal services down so I have to wait an extra day for the papers to be finalized to get my car. Thanks, faggot ass pilgrims

It’s tradition.[details=Spoiler]