Merry Christmas

I hope everyone and their SSFIV training buddies, friends and family have a wonderful Christmas, xmas, festivus or what ever you call it. I hope it’s top tier.

indeed i hope every one have a merry Christmas and happy holidays. plus good games in street fighter 4, although i been playing more hdr lately.

Merry christmas Gen players!

The Gen section has really grown since the mess it was back when super came out, shoutouts to messiah, vanesco, street11, and everyone else that helped contribute!

Hope everyone has fun beating up on all the LIVE kiddies that got SSF4 for the holidays.

Oh, and great tutorial, Messiah. Front page of Eventhubs. Congrats.

sweet I didn’t even know. Thanks again guys :slight_smile:

BTW I owe almost everyone on here a special thanks. Though my video that was featured on Eventhubs is pretty much basic stuff. I wanted to start out slow for people just picking up gen. But I wanted to thank everyone who has helped me over time to make me the gen player that I am and the gen player I want to be. LOL this sounds so sappy and sincere. Anyways, my next few videos will def be dedicated to all of you. So cheers in advanced and look for shout outs.

For Christmas, they should have gave Gen’s Santa beard back.