Menat Tech Thread

Incomplete frame data

She has quite a bit of recovery.

Seems like they want us to use her orb normals at range and her non-orb normals up close

Her dive kick seems pretty good from what I’ve seen


For SFV standards, she seems to have a lot of active frames.

Her recall is plus!

Ok her frame data has been added:

Some interesting tech:

When you do j.LP, her ball goes into recall state for a little bit of time. This is especially apparent when you do j.LP right before landing and start jumping backwards. Notice how the ball is following menat.

Further more, if you do s.HP while the ball is in this state, the ball actually comes back immediately.

This interestingly allows you to do s.HP > soul sphere (not ANKH!!)

So placing the orb before the V-reversal can actually help her out

So guys question for you, how are you properly inputting the orbs to be shot off at proper timing? I realize you can just simply tap a button and have it be shot out. You have to either hold for about .5 seconds or tap twice.

You mean you CAN’T just simply tap a button to be shot out?

Correct, typo sorry