Menat Combo Video Thread Repository 5.0: Donut Steel edition

Just a few benenficial videos to help you level up your combo game. Don’t get…left behind!!!

Capcpom really knocked it out the park with this one guys. What an amazing moveset!!!

Goddamn it Angelpalm, i was going to make this thread :rofl:

Oh shit, son! I need to see some good one button infinite combos.

Please deliver, sweet prince.


Oldie but goldie.

Damn, these Menat combos are looking pretty sick, never seen a character who plays like he before, good shit Capcom.

For people looking to make their own, Mizuumi wiki has a page up for her already

You misspelled Amakusa

That’s because thread’s about Menat, not some dude playing with his balls.

Are there even any trial combos worth learning? On a side note I miss SC… The only interesting franchise Namco had and they ran it into the ground with BS and free to play shenanigans. freaking namcrap

I had some trouble with her trial #10 because the df+MK Splits Slide (omg so awesome) wasn’t allowing the c HP to hit. The training dummy was almost always able to block the c HP. But I did hit it a few times and I think I figured out an important thing about Menat’s V Trigger orbs. The time you release the attack’s button matters a lot. You have to hold the attack’s button for a split second before releasing it. It’s a lax just frame. Am I right?

I was double-tapping the df+MK splits slide because obviously I wanted it to consistently come out after the V Trigger’s time freeze. But double-tapping was messing up the orb’s button hold then release timing, not allowing the c HP to hit. Am I right?

Do each of the orbs correspond to a single button as well? After I’d done one df+MK splits slide into orb hit, when I tried another df+MK splits slide into orb the orb never came out.

Trial #10 is j HP, s HK, c MP, activate, df+MK, hold MK, release MK, c HP, MP+MK, Super.

How awesome is her straddle splits taunt? :razz:

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Wow I must be wrong about the previous post! Nice! How are you doing this though? I’ll try it out.

That’s not me doing those. That’s desk.

Yes they are. The fierce are the bottom orbs the strong are middle and lights are the top. The orbs in front are kicks and the orbs behind her are punches

Justin is doing multiple orb, button, orb, button, orb combos on his stream. How is this done? It would’ve been a good trial. Her combos look really long and crazy!

Can someone post the combo notations?

What does SS mean?

Soul Sphere. QCF+P

Can Menat combo into her DP without a crush counter?

Can she combo 2 mediums for a block string? Wow her s MP seems negative on hit am I right? And her s MK is meant for long range poking but its range is kinda whatever.

Her QCF+P seems very slow to recover…maybe too slow to zone with…

Dankadillas in Nicktanella’s Twitch chat: Just hit the button right after your special move/normal. Just have to hit it once. Off of drills you hit it twice. That’s how I’m getting used to [her V Trigger]

oooh here’s a possible blockstring: c MP>QCF+LP, c MP, QCF+LP.

Dankadillas: One that’s pretty good is mk.drill > > st.lp xx lp.orb

In regards to using Menat’s V Trigger, someone responded to my youtube video comment with:
You can press two or all buttons and the corresponding orbs will come out (you can send all six at the same time). Jus press HP + Button of corresponding orb, at the same time.