Men in Black 3


Release date: May 25th, 2012



Loved MIB1
Liked MIB2…but I thought Laura Flynn Boyle was the WORST villain in the MIB series.
In fact…one of the worst villains I’ve seen in the theaters so far.

Hmmm…should be entertaining at least. MIB was great, MIB2 was kinda meh, but still watchable.

Well with like, two films it’s a 50/50 toss up on best and worst villains GP.

Slightly excited for this actually, I can’t really explain why but it looks sweet. Plus Brolin needs to wipe the stain of Jonah Hex off people’s minds.

So I guess I’m the only guy that somehow liked Jonah Hex…

will wait for bootleg

Good indication that you are honestly.

I figured Laura Flynn Boyle accidentally got blown onto the set by a strong breeze and the director said “Meh. Why pass up a free actress?”

sooo i feel like this a plot they used on the cartoon. like ive been trying to remember real hard if they did it.

I liked the cartoon and its art style! I wish it came back or was released on DVD or something…

dude that show had so many seasons…im amazed its not on dvd by now.

I liked first one, thought the second was HORRIBLE. Third one looks promising though. Hopeful for the third.

hmmmm…time travel.

Yeah, I thought there was an episode where Jay meets a young Kay and actually ends up taking him to the first alien encounter. I also remember a jumping off a high point to enter a time portal, but that could be some other cartoon.

It’s a mish-mash. Although I don’t think aliens took over in that future…

It’s on the HUB. I used to watch it as a child, but going back to it, it’s kind of boring.

As for the movie I can’t express an opinion as I’m trying to decide if I should watch the trailer or not.

Brolin does a great Young TLJ impersonation.


hmm im kinda iffy on the time travel plot device…

but its mib and will and tommy are back in it so it might be good

I thought part 2 was god-awful, they have nowhere to go but up.

Can’t wait
liked 2 cuz of the cartoon

yeah i remember sumtin like this too. like without k meeting the aliens there would be no mib.