Memorex DVD R disc won't record

I’ve been wanting to record some HD Remix matches now for sometime, and today I finally went down to staples and bought a 25 pack of Memorex DVD R (+ and - compatible) as seen here

I then proceeded to put the disc in both of my dvd players, and neither of them could read the disc or record. I got the message “No Disc”. Here’s one of them:

and here’s the other:

If you’ll notice, both dvd’s are supposedly compatible with my DVD R disc. So what’s the problem? Why can’t they be read? Everytime I put them in, the dvd player makes a weird noise. I’ve tried other DVD and they work just fine.

so your trying to use your DVD player to record? and they dont recognize the disc? ive never used a +/- compatible disc before so that is the first thing that sticks out to me. and your positive that other dvd-r or dvd+r work?

maybe there is a setting on your dvd players?

bad disc maybe.

DVD players can record? I think you might have the videos on dvd the wrong format.

Memorex is also not the best brand to use for recording…

Sony or Verbatim is better.

As for recording onto a DVD-Recorder, fact is that many things simply won’t record because of copy protection whether it’s Macrovision, CSS, or whatever proprietary format a disc or tape uses. (This is assuming you tried direct-line into a recorder from the game machine.)

A PS3 or XBox 360 game might be region-free and play on alternate region game consoles but it DOESN’T mean you’ll be able to record the video to a DVD-Recorder.

There are generally two layers of protection for a retail DVD/game. First, there is region-protection which codes the disc for the area of the world it’s sold in, and then there’s anti-copy protection.

Guess which one is still in effect on most games? There’s your answer for why you can’t record video from the console.

Of course, if you’re using a camcorder to record the video then I have no idea WHY it didn’t work and it’s up to you to look online and find out what format the camcorder records in and find a utility to convert that format to MPEG-2 if it isn’t MPEG-2 already…

P.S. – Python,

You do realize there’s a difference between a DVD-Recorder and player, right?

Players DON’T record onto blank discs. You still need a purpose-built DVD-Recorder or a DVD-Burner on a computer for that. Even then, you won’t be able to record from the console directly because of the copy protection built into all game discs and most retail movies.

You either have to use a camcorder to record your games – grainier image, yes, but it should still work once you convert it – or find a video stabilizer online that can bypass copy protection for the video output stream from your game player. You generally hook those up between the output lines from the console and the input for the DVD-Recorder. I haven’t heard of a video stabilizer that works for Blu ray but there might be one that can bypass the XBox 360 anti-copy protocol.

I did not realize their was a difference lol. I guess I should have realized something was up when I noticed I didn’t have a record button on my dvd players =). I already tried using a camcorder, but I couldn’t convert the file type to something suitable for windows movie maker.

That’s weird.

There should be a utility program online to convert camcorder files to MPEG-2 or a DVD authoring program that’ll do that for you.

If nothing else, at least check your camcorder manual and see what format the camera records in. That’d be the first step in tracking a program online (hopefully FREE) that will convert the camcorder footage into MPEG-2 or at least DiVX for DVD-burning.

Many of the newer DVD players can play back divx and even mpeg-4 format (non-hi def, though) video. Again, consult your manuals to see what the hardware supports.

Sorry I can’t offer more than that but I’m on a Mac…

I have both a DVD-Recorder and burner but always end up making my final DVDs on the Mac. DVD-Recorders just don’t have great editing capability – it’s very basic – and you can’t generate great menus on them. One advantage PCs do have is a greater variety of DVD authoring programs for lower prices. On Mac, you are basically limited to Toast, a few other sub-$100 programs, and DVD Studio Pro. Pro is far and away the best authoring program on the market but you can’t even buy the newest version anymore without getting Final Cut Studio Pro! Very, very expensive.

Should be possible to find something for under $200 on PC if not freeware for your needs. It does take generally around a month or two to get comfortable with these programs and I can guarantee you from past experience that you will make some mistakes before you develop a technique that works for you…