Melee's Creator (Sakurai) discusses fighting games vs melee for esports (2016)

Hi guys. I posted this thread in the Fighting Game Discussion forum originally but it was closed and Mod told me to post it here.

So this article came out just a couple months ago. Sakurai was asked about melee and said he is glad to see it so popular in 2016 and said it was the most challenging version of smash, but then responded with that statement.
I was curious on everyones thoughts on that.

I also love that Nintendo has made smash 4 to fit in with the competitve scene and supports it. They also sponsor smash 4 tournaments which is great. Is it possible Sakurai believes that smash 4 is better for competition than melee? Thier support for the smash 4 competitive scene seems to say yes! I like that he says regular fighting games are also more suitable for strategy and competition and suggests that for melee players. I agree with him on that note as the meta for melee is not really so much about strategy. His statement seems to suggest or elude to this.

BTW, i play smash 4 and i love it. I primarly play SF4 but smash 4 is a nice change of pace. I find the smash 4 scene and its players to be great! Alot of you guys seem to be interested in FGC games which is really awesome. FGC games are a lot harder than melee, but they are great!