Melee Light [Browser Based SSBM Clone]

Ran into this just recently and thought to help spread the word on this as this looks like something most here would be interested in, more so to any smash players here. currently there are only 3 playable characters [marth, JigglyPuff, and Fox] but the creator did state that he plans to add more characters along the way. aside from replicating the games physics in every way possible, this also has controller support as well. haven’t tried it yet but this looks like something I would most definitely play.

Its not a fighting game though.

I Wasn’t really sure where to post this. If this can be moved, I would like for it to be in it’s proper category if thats ok.

You could move it to smashboards.

There’s already one there made by the creator. Idk what it is but if this is unecissary to you then by all means delete this if you have to.

@Pertho being kinda douchey don’t you think?

He is, but he’s also entirely correct.

Am I in smashboards making threads about fighting games?

To be fair, there are subs for 2 Smash games and a Smash clone in the fighting games section. It sends mixed messages to people who aren’t familiar with this board.

Srk never sent mixed signals, the cannons did by putting that bullshit in Evo.

Its not my fault that a new genre of gaming which had its rules twisted to allow 1v1 battles isnt a fighting game. Making a thread for world heroes over at smashboards wont change the fact that WH doesnt play anything like brawlhalla, smash or rivals of aether.

P.s. im a huge smash fan and think the games are a ridiculous amount of fun.