Megaman anti-air assist

This assist makes the lowtier characters combos hurt. Take a look.
Post ur combos here. Enjoy!

That’s not really Megaman-centric in any way. :smile:

The anti-air is a little bit fun, but the projectile assist is nasty fun with Cable or Tron. It doesn’t disappear or descend like most of the other projectiles assists, does multiple hits… it’s just good stuff. Not flashy in any way, though.

Never ever ever make a combo video again. You have terrible combos, things that don’t work, and overall crappy video. You seem to also be one of the worst marvel players i have ever seen

I’m a newbie at combo videos. Every combo in any of those videos can be done on anyone and they take a nice chunk of power. I’ve done them all in matches against Lowtier and Hightier players. Anyone can do them, even you. So that being said, I have to ask you, Who are you again? Do you even play? Can you play? Where are your combo and match videos at, so I can learn something. But thanks for the constructive criticism. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my future combo vids!

I’ve been using Megaman AA more recently, and I must say that it’s not too bad for covering Sent on point. It’s almost like a poor (VERY poor) man’s Cyclops AA.

I’d agree with regards to that.
Personally, though, anybody seeking to use a capable AA assist should just stick to Cyclops, and probably, Cable and Cammy to a lesser extent. Mega Man’s AAA is a bit slow compared to the others.

Omega, I’m sorry to say, that combo vid has some pretty bad quality. You might want to re-invest in some proper recording equipment next time.