Mega Man Vs. Spiral

Help, Ive been getting owned with Spiral lately. She out projectiles MM and teleports through the RB like no tommorrow. I guess ive never played real spiral players before cause Spiral used to be a peice of cake. Ive tried switching chars, but she teleports faster then my Cable’s AHVB, and will FUCK UP my BH with teleports air throws and zones with those…uh spiraling swords…I can’t fight this bitch at all…help… I mean can he even beat her?..If not who should I use??

This isn’t a fun fight at all, and where Megaman’s lack of mobility really becomes a serious issue. If you want to have a reasonable chance of tackling this fight, have Storm as your primary assist and charge your busters. Short charges plus Storm make Spiral have to fight for ground control. When she gets swords and you don’t have an assist available, though, usually all you can do is wait it out till you get an opening. Superjump and charge your buster (maybe wall bounce for added oomph) then land and try your shot again. Or, just start Sentinel. LOL.

Use your size to your advantage here. Stay low, dash forward, pull back on block, and call out a CapCom assist. Chances are that most Spirals have Sentinel backing them up and Sentinel will eat the assist. Even though Spiral won’t take damage, the Sentinel probably will, and if the Sentinel gets down, they’ll stop calling the assist, and no more Spiral trap.

If you’re playing Cable/BH as your backup, you’re going to have problems as I would imagine.

It’s rare, but watch out if Spiral has Doom as an assist. This is going to be really tough on you tick-damage wise: It might be wise to start Cable or Sentinel here.


hehe sounds like my spiral!:lol: well any way to not spam

you can try using the regular tornado thing it stops a bit of swords if i’m not mistaken and then you can just keep fighting for ground control i guess but i don’t think it would be safe if you jump cuz he takes 4ever to fall back down cuz she can bait you into jumping fall fast then it’s back to the swords! so yah i don’t know how to fight against spiral w/ megaman but hope it helps

Thanks everyone, but can someone gimme advice of how to beat her with MM, Cable, BH… MM doesnt havta be the point, I try to stick with this one team…I don’t like matches simply being use this team to counter that one… etc. So I try to stick with 1 team…and for the most part it has almost every 1st and 2nd tier either equaled or owned making every match depend completely on skill…until Spiral that is…The best thing I can think of is to snapback that bitch into Sent and kill him with cable, then I could take her with MM, but I dunno how to fight her with anyone on my team while she still has Sent assist

Well… you have your work cut out for you. In terms of matchups, you are… well, outmatched in every way. If you insist on playing this team, would you at least consider switching Cable to alpha assist? If you had a real projectile threat then you could probably begin to take on Spiral with something. But if you want to keep him on beta, I’ll have to think about it hard and come back to you with something.

Megaman/Cable/BH vs Sprial/Cable/Sent right?

Screw rockball in this fight, tornado hold is much better. Try to jump fierce, call BH, land fierce tornado as much as possible. That should disrupt the flow of swords somewhat and knock out Sent assist leaving it more as a one on one with Spiral. BH assist hopefully will be able to track Spiral, meanwhile tornado hold should help knock out Sent drones and swords if you have the right spacing.

Hmm, reading this thread and the old stuff I said gives me the willies.

Two strategies I’d try:

  • Start BH. Sounds like suicide, but BH can actually reasonably keep Spiral from getting swords, especially since he has two good assists for ground control (Megaman) and anti-air (Cable). Drop Megaman and superjump, see what Spiral does, block a lot and go for her if she gets swords. If you hit her with the roundhouse drones, snap Sentinel in and now you have counterAHVB threat. Not too shabby, just don’t try to do too much.

  • If you have to start Megaman, pump those jump fierces at the start and only call BH if Spiral superjumps. Call BH, then fire a fierce so that she falls on it. Fire another one to cover BH’s exit, then keep close. She probably has swords now, so it’s a good time to charge and wait for the right time to get out. If she doesn’t, yay, go back to original strategy.

In either case, think about snapping in Sentinel, because you have Cable/BH and that pairup is really bad for Sentinel to fight.