Medina, Akron, somewhere close in OH?

hey i live in that general area so i was looking for anybody who knows some events or someone who just wants to chill or practice fighting games. Hit me up.

Im actully in akron and new to all this but willing to learn we could probley practice some time?

Yeah man its cool with me. Just let me know when you wanna hang.

I live in Medina and if you’re looking for some practice, send me a message. I usually just play with my friend or online, but I’ve been thinking about trying to start something up local as a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly thing/whatever. Just an FYI, there’s going to be a HUGE tournament in Cleveland called Season’s Beatings: Ascension Sept. 28 - 30, which would be a good place to meet other players and get some games in. I like almost all of the fighting games out now, but my main games at the moment are SSFIV:AE, SFxT, and P4A. Shout me a holler, yo!!

hey man i’m cool to chill almost anytime. Hit me up with a time to meet up cause im down for any fighting game anytime.

If you head out towards Akron, my friend and I looking to get a consistent group of people to get together and practice. Hopefully if we get enough interest we can host ranbats and some tourneys.
Check us out on facebook

Hey im new to the area and i been dying for some casuals, online isnt doing. I stay a little west of cleveland but i will travel

i might show up to the ultracombo ones. i am currently taking classes at uakron. you guys start at 5?

We start at 8:00pm. You should definitely come by.

i’ll try to. i won’t be able to next week or the week after due to sb and other stuff. i live at home right now and my parents are kinda uptight so itll be hard to get more than an hour or two of practice.

Well i’m down for meeting up with anyone. I may work the graveyard shift but i’m always looking for people to play with. Since i dont have online i’m trying to actually meet up with people or something whether its where I live or there place. I’m in the seville area but i’m god to travel around a little bit.

How far is seville from cleveland??

A little less than a hour. I think it’s around 30 from Akron. It’s be a while since I’ve been down there.
Regent if you’re up for the drive there’s CFC (Canton Fight Night) @ the Auricle on Wednesdays starting around 9:00pm

Then in Akron we’ll be doing fight nights on Fridays starting at 8:00pm.

Both go to about 2:00am so you can show up whenever

It’s a variable on the time. i can usually make a solid 45 min to the Cleveland airport so i guess figure it from that. Kinda why i started this post to find people to meet up with and play, since i’m in the middle of nowhere. hahahaha And i’ll be making an attempt at fridays. i’m either working the graveyard shift or with my Girl most weekends.

(Copy and pasting this to all Ohio threads.)

I have started a TTT2 team for the WTF site, appropriately named “Ohio Tekken” for PS3. If anyone is interested in joining, just send me a message on PSN, PM me on here, or PM me on WTF under the same name as here. “N0!ZE~!” without the quotation marks. The whole point in this is to try to bring together all players from Ohio and try to level up with one another. I’m aware that this is mainly a SF site so some may not care at all, however judging by the most recent post dates on TZ, my idea would probably work better posting through here. If you are interested, make sure that you are linked through the WTF website first otherwise you will not be able to receive the invite.

Here’s to hoping that TTT2 actually sticks around.

I am opening a Game/vape lounge in akron,OH it will be strictly fighting games only,anyone interested please reply to the thread and I’ll give you a membership discount your first three months, it will be located next to my vape shop on Carnegie ave. here is the address to
my vape shop.
Flavor Vape
666 Carnegie ave, suite E 44314
You can also stop by and ask for Ryan and I’ll give you more details on the lounge.