Mechanical Keyboard Switches [which one do you use / prefer?]

Hello guys, I know that there are already some topics similar to this one on the forum. But this would be to cover not only the mechanical switches, but also the keyboard models available on the market today.

So… As the title says. Which switches (if you use a mechanical keyboard for fighting games like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, …), do you prefer?

(example) My keyboard is (…) whith (…) switches because (…)

1 - Speed ​​/ Linear: like MX Silver Cherry from Corsair or Yellow from Razer

2 - Clicky / Tactile: Like MX Cherry Blue

3 - Smooth / Linear: Red MX Cherry?

4 - Optical: Like Purple / Rex from Razer

5 - Anothers? Which are?

If possible, tell here which keyboard (brand and version) you use and why the switch is chosen.

I have 2 mechanicals, an old Razer Blackwidow and a Thermaltake Posiedon, both have cherry mx blues as I’m a big fan of the clicky.

Sadly I can’t recommend either as a good buy currently since Razer swapped over to in house switches a while back and I haven’t had a chance to try them, and the TT Posiedon feels much cheaper.

Tt P has a glossy coating on the keys that wears off in 12 months if it’s a bad batch (i.e. mine), and the switches aren’t well lubed so some keys will get sticky quite quick.

The Blackwidow is phenomal, had it since 2012 no issues, but again, with the change in switches I can’t personally recommend anything beyond the 2013 (maybe 2014?) variants if you can even find them kicking around

I hear nothing but good things about ducky keyboards though, so that’d be my suggestion


Nice suggest dude! And thank u very much to collaborate with Topic. I was thinking the Blackwindow with Green switches are fine or maybe Huntsman Elite with optimal Purple onde. But NOW I don’t no…

Maybe Corsair K95 Platinum with MX Silver Speed?

I never try any others switches like clicky or Speed. Just Red with my old CM Cooler Master Storm Trigger (I realy like this on, but I’m sure there are better models)

K95 Plat’s are quite good too if I remember correctly, then it’s just switch selection

Switches are mostly a personal choice, just a shame there aren’t stores with demo models on display as much as their used to be

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I use 2 different keyboards. HyperX FPS Alloy which has blues, and whatever the fuck is in the Razer Blackwidow Elite. The latter is the one I’m currently maining. Not very different, but there is some comfort involved with the Blackwidow Elite, plus those epileptic colors that keep idiots like me focused.

Stick is still better, but for DBFZ, I’d use the HyperX, and for SFV, I’d use the Razer.

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Nice choices top bro! Hyper X have 100% anti-ghost / keystroke?

I imagine so. I got it because it had N-key rollover which helped a lot when I used to play Counter-Strike.

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