Meaty attacks?

can someone explain meaty attacks? i heard they’re for countering wakeup dps and throws. someone told me you have to time it or make it hit deep. what is hitting deep? how do you time meaties? maybe according to the frame data would help. and if anyone knows maki’s meaty attack that would help too. :tup: thanks.

maki ==

You’re welcome.

p.s. you should consider reading some sort of cvs2 guide. has a good one in their articles section. If you actually read it, look for chapter 3, reversals.

Meaty = doing a move so that your opponent gets up into the later part of the move. It still does the same amount of hit/blockstun, but since it hit later, you have more frame advantage, which gives you more combos/setups than you would have had normally.
Timing a meaty is just sticking out a move over someone as they get up so that they stand up into the last few active (hitting) frames of a move. You just need to mess around and see what works best for your characters and to get the timing down.

A reversal DP with decent invul should beat a meaty attack, but if they don’t get the reversal and you timed your meaty properly then you’ll hit them.

meaty attack is hitting someone with a attack that’s already “active” on wake up.

Another thing about meaty attacks is that it can give you additional frame advantage, here’s how i think it works:

i’m making up the stats but it’s 5 frame start up, 10 active (hitting) frames, 5 recovery frames.

Let’s say a move gives you 5 frame advantage normally (lets say it causes 20 block stun but because you have 10 hitting frames and you have 5 frames to recover but after it’s all done you get advantage for 5 frames (their block stun lasts 5 more frames after you’ve completely recovered)

you knock someone down and you do a meaty fierce,

you do the attack early and then hit while it’s active (attacking, it’s out there, fully extended)

and let’s say the get up on “hitting/active” frame 5, the game has a preset ammount of block stun reguardless when the move hits so you recover 5 frames faster since you hit in the middle of the active frames (Frame 5, and since they were knocked down before hand they “Miss” the other 5 frames),


You hit on frame 5, it causes 20 block stun

you only have 5 active frames left and 5 recovery frames.

so you recover completely while the opponent still has 10 frames of block stun left.


Keep in mind this is only because you can’t hit your opponent while they are knocked down, otherwise it would most likely always hit on frame 1 causing 20 block stun and you recover completely in 15 frames (the rest of the attack frames and the frames the move recovers) leaving you at +5 over your opponent.

forgive me if i’m wrong.

thanks guys. this brings up another thing. if both players press an attack, which one has priority? when do attacks counter attacks and when do they cancel each other? does it have anything to do with which active frame the attack is in? like if one attack gets into their active frames first, does that give it priority? or is there a strength to moves?

Priority is… well… it’s all hitboxes and frames. Some moves have huge areas where you can hit, while the hitbox of the character shrinks back and is small… which means you might be able to beat out another attack and not trade because you’re hitting their character your move’s hitbox, but their move doesn’t hit your character’s hitbox. Something like that, I’m sure someone else can explain it better.

I play third strike.

Meatys are when you overlap your active hit frames with your opponent’s start-up frames. The easiest way to do this is on wake-up. Before they wake up, you do your move so that your start up frames are happening while they are on the ground. If they do a ‘wake-up move,’ their start-up frames happen while your active hit frames are overlapping their sprite. The end result is that they get hit during their start-up frames and the rest of the move doesn’t ever come out.

That is the basic idea. Other things like hit-boxes, block-stun, recovery frames, and invincibility frames complicate matters, but that is for another day.

More stuff here:

according to that video, it looks like any move can be considered meaty. is that true with cvs2? if not, what makes a moves meaty? when i look at the frame data for maki’s, the startup/active/recovery doesn’t seem special, but the frame advantage looks like it’s higher than other moves.

Any move can be meaty. Meaty is just a way to describe when the move lands. The basic thing you have to learn is how to overlap your active frames with someone else’s startup frames. It is easiest to do on wake up.

It is true with Cvs2, or did you not notice the tail end of the video where sagat wakes up with dragonpunch and blanka stuffs it with crouching fierce? Sagat gets the reversal, and blanka gets the counter-hit.

I’ve been meaning to ask you guys about that. What move and what strength did you guys have Sagat wake up with? Are you sure it was one of the dp+P moves? Those all hit really fast (3 frame startup) and have lower body invincibility. The HP version I know has full body invincibility.

I’ve had glitchy stuff in training mode like Bison slide trading or beating clean C-Sakura’s wake-up supers (but not wake-up RC’s) before. All of Sakura’s level 2/3 supers are suppose to have full body invincibilty and I got the reversal message every time as well. I’ve been unable to reproduce this (and have also stopped trying), but when I watched your vid it sparked my interest again.

i thought the whole video was 3s. my mind must have blocked the cvs2 out. :sweat:

i’ve been playing cvs2 on xbox for awhile now, and some sf2 since way back, but haven’t really heard of meaties until recently. i don’t think they have a section on them in game faqs, unless i’ve missed them. are there any other not so well known stuff like meaties somewhere in a faq or video like that one?

for some reason, meaty attacks can beat light punch dps, like sagat,ryu,kyo etc

good example would be cammy’s crouch fierce as a meaty against a lp dp

no meaty normal no matter what beats ken’s reversal lp dp.

Nah, I’ve traded before actually. Ken vs Ken mirror match. Reversal wake-up dp+LP against the other Ken’s meaty close s.HK.

Ken’s meaty close does beat out reversals dp’s and sometimes supers, i’ve done it a few times before

So do meaty’s always beat out throws? It seems that even if they do, people could just DP out of it. Cuz if I am correct there are about 6 frames in an average dp where the dp is invincible.

However, when does the dp actually hit at? At what frame. If it actually HITS later than those invinicible frames, it can be stuffed easily. Although through my experiences I try and do Kyo’s (what is said to be the most meaty move in the game) on Sagat’s wakeup. However I ALWAYS get hit with the DP. It has never traded with me!


Sagat does wakeup dragon. Don’t know what strength, we did the vid almost two years ago, and this old man’s mind don’t keep small details for that long.

Blanka’s crouching fierce rules for meaty because you can be sloppy with timing compared to other meaties, as his active frames are out there forever. Blanka’s and Sagat’s crunching fierce overlay hitboxes in such a way that even semi-trained monkeys can do meatys with those two jokers without much trouble.

I have no doubt that Sakura’s supers can get stuffed by Bison’s slide. But, I’m not about to try and tell people that it is true, as most SF player will argue to the grave that supers beat normals no matter what. I will, however, agree to disagree.

I know I have seen ken’s lp dp trade but I have never seen that shit get stuffed clean. Traded dp’s setup cool combos like dash forward shinryuken.


I think we must remember that there are 2 kinds of reversals. There is the reversal that starts at the very beginning of your opportunity to do something, and there is the reversal that can be done one frame after said time period.

This may be the reason why invincible moves sometimes get stuffed…any thoughts? I’ve always wondered whether my “reversals” were more towards the 1st or 2nd frame…I’m not sure if there is a way to tell, either. What do you guys think…

We also have to remember that not all dp’s give full body invincibility. So that’s another reason for the trades.