Meaning of EX in grade system

I dont know if these are old news but i think that the EX bar (last bar in grade system showed after u win a match) measures how did u comeback in the match.

If u do a great comeback, ur EX grade should be high. This would make sense with the concept of EX points at the end of the game (the green dots) which measure improvement.

Those flashing dots are SP points, not EX points.

There’s a japanese website that fully explains the grade judge system along with lots of other stuff. I’ll edit with the URL later tonight.


The “EX” section of the grade judge is determined as follows.

-How many consecutive rounds have you won so far? (CPU game only)

-How did you win each round? Normal/special/super/time/chip/etc.

-How varied were your attacks? This is determined by tallying the number of times you did each possible attack and looking at the highest number. The lower the number, the better.

-Will this grade be an improvement over your last one? In a CPU game this will show as an SP point in your final stats, but the bonus exists in a two-player game too.

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For the hell of it, here are the rest.

-How many times did you dizzy the opponent?
-How many hits was your highest-hitting combo?

-How much life did you have left in each round that you won?
-How many times did you blue parry?
-How many hits did you parry of a multi-hitting move?
-How many times did you red parry?


-How many “First Attack” bonuses did you get?
-How many UOH’s did you do? Whiffing and blocking still count.
-How many times did you land a throw?
-How many times did you tech-hit the opponent’s throws?
-How many times did you tech-roll?
-How many times did you taunt (and get a bonus for it)?
-How many “Reversal” messages did you get?
-How many supers did you do? Whiffing and blocking still count. (They mention Elena’s Healing as an exception… you only get credit for a fully completed heal.)


sorry for necroing but I really must say, it’s 2020 now, and these posts are still the only accurate explanation about the 3rd strike grading system. thank you @Jinrai .

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‘‘15 years later’’. . .man. . .damn

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