Me Playing MvC3 Online

I’m not that bad, need to work on using X-23


Sentinel is way OP… Me playing as Sentinel


I still wouldn’t say overpowered per say…

You can’t call Sentinel overpowered yet, especially when you were fighting a player who tried to shoot your HSF.
Although his Zero almost had you.

Yipes better be watching his back!

Same. I don’t feel like Sentinel is overpowered at all. I think that X-Factor is overpowered… but isn’t that the point?

On a related note, if the opponent’s Zero had activated his, especially when he was down to Zero, you would have been history.

Cool vids though, train hard! Lookin’ good.

A kitten dies everytime someone uses Sentinel

If that guy knew what he was doing he would have killed you twice over with Zero one-on-one vs. Sentinel. Didn’t even use X-factor.

@boyonweed, there’s going to be a lot of dead kittens. Sentinel was always a beast.

thanks for the reply’s guys, I am probably thinking that sentinel is way OP a little too much, ill post in this thread when a new video is up, anyone wanna see something in particular?

Doom I wanna see a vid of Doom on point.

What’s your online experience so far? Those two matches you put up seem to be relatively smooth, but have you run into a lot of laggy matches? If you’ve played SF4’s online, how would you compare it to MvC3’s online?

so hows the lag thats the important question.

Ill make a vid of me playing with doom, I really suck with him but ill do some online and some training mode combos

Yes there is lag :< When I search for player lobbys, I find people in the US and its non laggy and smooth, but once I get to ranked, I get laggy matches. Don’t get scared though because I think its due to the fact that not many US players have the game, I run into people from the UK and beyond in ranked because the custom ranked match search doesn’t seem to work, so I just do quick match search, but that’s probably due to not many US players having the game. The game imo is not like SSF4 online, it doesn’t get that bad, well it has, but not as often as SSF4, once the game comes out, I don’t think there will be any lag issues as long as your playing ppl in your country!

yea i was thinkin about that. there will probably plenty of green bars(or whatever they use) available on the release date.

Isn’t there an option to choose same region for ranked matches like SSFIV?

pls make a video with spiderman

Yes, sentinal is way over powered when you just sit there mashing the launcher full screen…lol you suck.

Is the online lag u felt, comparable with the lag simulator in the trainning mode? I mean, a 4 bars match seemed the same as playing with 4 bars in the trainning?

Dang, you can actaully jump over this crap now. In MvC2 you coudn’t get away with super jump even if you timed it right after there super on the ground. Though it’s just typically random 80s stuff, you should’ve seen Cyclopes’s beam super.

As for Sent game play it’s typical to mash in:
Assist during or before beam or rocket punch and use.
Beams from the mouth to rocket punch to super and able to repeat as an infinite as long as you had super.

When it wasn’t keep away Sent is flying in the air kicking downwards spamming assist or if it’s not that it’s Sent flying in the air trying to pass you and spamming assist on the ground because your stupid camera will be following him and you’ll not even see the ground where you are. I suppose that would be interesting to screw with a few beginners early on.