MD/VA CvS2 Thread

So we’ve got a decent little base, and some players looking to get into CvS, so let’s get this thing popping before East.

I know we have the 3S thread that basically serves as the MD/VA thread, but I think we need to put extra emphasis on CvS2 now. The same way niggas leveled up in 3S, is the way we gotta level up in CvS2.

I’ll be in the Danger Room from now until Evo. I’m looking to play with ANYBODY from Baltimore to NOVA. I don’t give a fuck.


good luck, finding players in CvS2 will be hard. Having a session without the players falling asleep is even harder.

Sure, I’ll bite.

I’ve actually been trying to get into CvS2 a li’l more seriously than before. I’ve been practicing some A-Groove and so far I’ve been making some progress(execution-wise, but not in any real matches). I’d like to get some practice games in though, so anyone in the area wanna rape me, then by all means gimme a call or PM or something.

i like this(/ diddy). i’ll try to learn this beastly game…steve harrison got me inspired.

Good shit Kimmicks.

I’ll try to show you some shit tonight. After you learn some things, I’ll show you some black girls, so you can get over Yvette.

Reading these threads, seems like something near 15-20 people post regularly from northern virginia/maryland. Wish there was more from central virginia…

I’m down for whateva. Even if I’m the half assed low tier version of Steve. I would like to see this thread get somewhere though and I think if we can get people into it that people will start to find it fun.

All i need is 1 player in northern MD, and i’ll be set. I know i’m not the only SF player up here…or am i:confused: ??

Did Springfield ever get this game?

I think at one time they had it but they got rid of it a long while ago.

SF had CvS1 for awhile but some dude bought it. That’s where I learned the basics, but i don’t know if I can get into CvS2. Seein the same damn repitive A-grove characers unless I get ridiculously good like Buktooth

Yeah…there are some people that make the game look fun like Buktooth but high level play (especially certain high level players) can really make the game look drawn out.

I dunno, I actually really like A-Groove. My source of inspiration to play it was BAS(him and Mago were also my inspiration to play Honda). Like, other than C Groove, none of the others clicked with me all that much so I’m trying to practice with this one.

High level CvS2 is actually pretty active. At high levels, A-Groove doesn’t dominate anywhere near where it does at the intermediate level.

Yeah, Justin v. Steve wasn’t that active, but I still found it really, really interesting. I wasn’t bored at all during those fights. Warren and I were talking during FR finals about how tense those finals were, even though it seemed like nothing was happening. If you understand every aspect of the game, even something as boring (at face value) as Justin v. Steve, is actually pretty interesting, and even exciting (well, maybe that’s a stretch).

ANYWAY… I hereby dub Steve Harrison “Sharingan

I think he should run with that.

Yo… If you just called how you train the Danger Room thats good fucking shit

OMG: Steve got you inspired? He inspired me to take all copies of that game that I have and set it a blaze on my front lawn. Man so many timeout victories, that game is rediculous. Evil Elvis was doing the damn thing on Steve, but of course not moving and playing Neutral has it’s advantagous. Do you think that If any of the chars had a level 3 of transforming into a pet rock, while crouching in the corner, that I could win too? I’m sorry I just really dislike this game if you guys couldn’t tell.

nigga you know im down for what ever in cvs 2 im tryin to qualify

sir this week your going to have to come to me if you can cause im tryin to play so get at me pm or somthing so we can talk about this peace

CVS2 is no more or less boring than 3S. Its all in knowing and appriating SFer. Skillz resects skillz


CvS2 actually looks real exciting when people play it balls-to-the-wall. The FFA Ranbat vid was fun to watch, and this was back when I still hated the game(I’m also probably one of the few people out there who enjoyed Evil Elvis’s commentary, haha).