MCZ TE 2 for xbox 360 & PS3 leaked?

ok so i was watching these vids from markman and i kind of figured from the second vid that they are going to be released for ps3 & 360

markman states that they just received the sticks from their factory, and that they are for the 360, so i figure a factory does not do a product run of 3 sticks… and they are part of a bigger production run, and so there must be ps3 versions aswell, and with the disc release of ultra sf4 a couple of months away, i think its a real possibility

other reasons supporting this are that art produced the plexi tops, so maybe those will be getting a release aswell once the ps360 te2 are released, they were mention by markman as a possibility when the killer instinct te2 came out, but with such a small amount of sticks in circulation it wouldn’t have been a big seller, here in UK, these sticks are dipping price at retailers and I’ve seen used ones going for as low as £110, gameshark is retailing at £180

i think madcatz will release them for ps3 & 360, to recoup the investment in developing them and putting them into production, they will probably sell ten times more than what they already have, i mean you’ve got a massive fgc community on ps3 & 360, and i dont think there’s going to be a big growth in xbox one and ps4 fighting games over the next 18 months,

they probably won’t be game licensed, they’ll be generic, going by the fact that the 360 ones in the video were without the infamous coloured buttons

They said they were “made specifically for this modding project” but it would be a little silly if they didn’t release them for 360/PS3 eventually.

They also had those platinum colored versions they made for 360, so nothing is impossible.

I would really like to see this happen I am in the market for a new fightstick this has peaked my interest

I would not intentionally leak anything like that, as I mentioned it was for the sole purpose of modding in the videos.

If i started posting more samples/prototypes you guys might start thinking we’re making sticks for Super Famicom. :wink:

I’d like to see an empty te2 case for sale from mad catz, really like the hinged panel. Might be a smart business move to boot.

Any empty case brand new would be cool. I just don’t see that happening.

I’m sure mad catz had realized by now that they aren’t going to sell as many sticks this gen due to the fact that most stick users are “hardcore”, and probably well aware of modding. How many of us are likely to buy a next gen stick once easier pad hacks and 3rd party pcb’s are really available? I know I have every intention of using a sick I already have when I take the next gen plunge. On the flip side, how many of us would lunge at a nice empty case with quick flip up access to our parts? It wouldn’t cost them anything extra, as the molds are already made, and no marketing beyond offering them on the mcz site would be needed, as I’m sure the word would spread among the target market very quickly.

Thoughts, @MarkMan‌ ?

Oh, I would buy it for sure.

The razer atrox people would be wise to consider that option also.

I disagree (highly) with your notion of “It wouldn’t cost them anything extra, as the molds are already made” … because it is NOT that easy to bring something to market. I wish it were though, that’d be awesome.

most of the people i meet in the fgc have stock parts on the sticks with maybe some different colored buttons added. they know about modding but not much past the booths they see at tournaments, if they attend them. i’d say mod-savvy people make up a very small minority to an even smaller sub-group of gamers (not that we’re special or anything). a blank case would be too much of a headache to wire up for most people, especially since there’s no ps360+ equiv for the next gen.

If there was a PS3 TE2 for the USF4 release I’d buy that shit as soon as I could, lol

Pretty much this

Well, you would know much better than I do. I just assumed that selling them online only without any fancy retail packaging would be cheap/easy like I also assumed selling te sides and bezels was.

well shit…

Its not as easy for a company to just put a product on like than you think.

There is manufacturing, marketing, distribution, having the web master adjust the site to add another product, you still need your sales forecast, production numbers.

I say it this way, there alot of work for my as head of the frozen food dept at my job to bring in just a bag of frozen peas from a well known supplier.
distribution and sales of a new stick, even if you using old molds is many, many times over the amount of work I used to bring in your favorite Fish TV Dinner.

Close but no cigar :wink:

Closing this and starting a new, proper thread for the stick.