MC Cthulhu turning off inverting X/Y axis doesn't work

when i first tested my new MC Cthulhu with SF4 on PS3 and KOF13 on PC the X/Y axis where inverted. somewhere on the net i read that you can turn this feature on/off by pressing either START or SELECT while plugging in the controller (the author couldn’t recall exactly which of the two does what). i tried connecting while pressing and holding select and start seperately also tried to press both start and select while plugging in. didn’t work on PS3 neither did it on PC.

I’ve updated to the newest MC Cthulhu firmware. can’t figure why its not working.

for now i rewired the directionals.

There no where on the Cthulhu to invert the X and Y axis.
You had the directionals wired wrong

oh, never mind then.
guess i miss interpreted this line from the MC Cthulhu FAQ

Q: When using the Cthulhu on a PC, moving the stick around causes BOTH the X/Y axis to change, and the POV Hat to change to match. When using the Cthulhu on a PS3, moving the stick around causes BOTH the d-pad to change, and the Left analog stick to change to match. Why does this happen, and how could I change it?
A: The Cthulhu is designed to do this; it’s normal and won’t cause any problems. This setup was created as a compromise between how PC games usually expect the directions to be reported (X/Y axis) and how the PS3 expects the d-pad to be reported (POV hat). With this setup, you can just plug and play on most if not all of the games you want to play on both PC and PS3. If you would like the stick to be reported as one and only one of those for whatever reason, hold down the Select or Start button when plugging in; I don’t remember which is which, but one disables the X/Y and only reports dpad/POV hat, the other disables POVhat/dpad and only reports over the left analog stick/X/Yaxis

That is the joystick on the Cthulhu does both Left analog and D-pad,
holding down either start or select disables either the Analog or d-pad input.

now i see. thank you for clarifying.