MC Cthulhu Doesn't Work with Dreamcast non "Arcade Joystick Games"

Unfortunately it’s a bit of a show stopper since I can’t play NFL Blitz or NBA Showtime with my custom Arcade Stick.

Any ideas before I resort to pad hacking instead? Maybe there’s some controller adapter to switch it to non-arcade joystick? Thank you!

Edit: Found this as a potential solution but it’s $40 bucks. Not sure if it’ll work but in theory it should:

Any other advice will be greatly appreciated.

Edit: This is a non-issue. NFL Blitz works just fine with the default MCC “Arcade Stick Mode”. Just make sure to have it plugged at bootup (I derped it up).

Brook is the way to go, well worth the investment, specially if you have more than one PS2 peripheral.

Padhacking a DC pad is no problem, hacking into the analogue signals…not so bad either and having a memory card port is always a plus. MC Pads have a switch for swaping both D-pad and Analogue stick.

Generic adapters won’t allow for D-Pad/Analogue swap. The innovation DC adapter works great 'cause it allows both PSX and Saturn, it also has a memory card port. You got options if you’re going PS2 to DC, plenty. Total Control is also a decent brand.

Some Brook adapters work with Akishop PS360+ but on USB mode, not with a PS2 RJ45 cable. Incidentally, the MC Cthulu won’t work with a PS2 to DC adapter due to the nature of the PCB looking to find console data.

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Interesting point you brought up. I’m going to do the following and hopefully the MC Cthulhu doesn’t refuse the adapter:

  1. MC Cthulhu (basically works like a PS3 controller PCB per the manual)
  2. A to B USB Cable:
  3. A to B USB cable connects from PCB to the Brook PS3/PS4->DC converter:
  4. Brook goes into the DC. The Brook adapter has a crucial “gamepad” mode feature so I can play all DC games and not just the arcade stick compatible ones (controller won’t be recognized in-game otherwise). The RJ45 connection from MC Cthulhu to DC only gives me Arcade Stick mode, hence my problem with games.

What do you think? I’ve asked the folks at Brook but they haven’t responded yet. I’ve ordered the adapter from Focus Attack and asked them too.

The only problem in the equation could be the MC Cthulu. If you got through the compatibility list you’ll see that is missing, however the compatibility seems to go across several makes, maybe you’ll get lucky.

The thing is when a MC Cthulu gets plugged into anything, the first thing it wants to do is send data back and forth to the console for recognition. Adapters like Brook handle this more or less the same way 'causing conflicts between the 2 and the console thus not working.

My advice, get a PS3 six axis adapter and go first party through the Brook to DC, it’ll work flawless and you’ll end up with a fine bluetooth stick and all the features you want with DC.

Awesome advice. I’ll look into that as an alternative.


And for the record and not spread misinformation, it actually does work fine with NFL Blitz. I simply didn’t have the cable connected at bootup (derp). Gamepads are actively detected in-game but not Arcade Stick Cables.

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MC Cthulhu Doesn’t Work with Dreamcast non “Arcade Joystick Games

Thats is true with most consoles for the MC Cthulhu from the PS2/Dreamcast era going forwards.
The same flaw exist with PS2, DC, GC, OG Xbox, and PS3 games.

The MC Cthulhu was intended to work as the brains of an arcade stick

In that case I gotta test out Metal Slug on my PS3 asap.

Thanks for telling me Toodles’s boards do not work in PS2 mode, and connected to PS2->Dreamcast adapter. Better get direct an RJ-45-> DC connector before they sell out. :wink: